Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dope sets himself on fire trying to torch pet store

From CBS 2:

A Queens pet store became the target of a firebomb attack, but the alleged arsonist made an embarrassing mistake.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, a chair was charred in the attack on the Grand Avenue Pet Shop in Maspeth, but the birds didn’t burn, and the people fast asleep upstairs were safe.

“It would have just incinerated quick! This would have been a big, big, big fire!” store owner Jose Cardona said.

The blaze would have been massive if not for Cardona, who stayed late Sunday to care for a cat as it delivered three kittens.

He was able to grab a hose after a man wearing hoodie threw a Molotov cocktail at the door of the pet shop.

“I didn’t panic. I can’t panic,” Cardona said.

He quickly doused the flames, and prevented major damage to the Maspeth landmark where people who raise and race pigeons, including Mike Tyson, have gathered for decades.


Anonymous said...

Wish he would have burned more. A lot more.

JQ LLC said...

Suspect a disgruntled pigeon racer who lost a bet?

Oh, where is the forest hills fire ninja?

nice pointless clip of Aiello on the security monitor. Especially the audio coming from it, which I thought those monitors didn't have.

Anonymous said...

I hope his cellie is a big-time animal lover!!! He deserves the WORST possible treatment!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they catch this low life piece of garbage! The animals did nothing to this lowlife! This low life should be burned!

Anonymous said...

The longer the Forest Hills arsonist goes uncaught, the more idiots like this guy will think they can get away with the same crime.

What kind of asshole tries to burn down a pet store?

Anonymous said...

He'll be back...... But we don't have enough cops on patrol to catch him.

Anonymous said...

They keep pigeons on the roof in a coop and let them out to fly. Maybe a neighbor didn't like pigeon crap?

I like animals most people suck said...

Burn, baby, burn and I wouldn't piss on him to put the fire out!