Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Queens' stuck-in-snow humor

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Anonymous said...

Global Cooling,the earth is freezing
Global Warming,the earth is over heating
Climate Deniers are killing all of us
Help the country has gone Mad.
We're Doomed,only Hillary can Save Us from Ourselves! !
It's Trumps fault,and Bernie Sanders says All Snow Matters.

I'm Hillary and I approve of this message.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He knows he will lose Queens at his reelection. So might as well divert plow truck to other boroughs and do a better job there. It's worse than John Lindsay.

JQ LLC said...

I may be nitpicking, but I would like to know the locations of some of those pics.

And if they have any citibike or bike lanes near them. Because what I saw yesterday in Manhattan made me want to puke. It looked like Midtown got barely touched. There was hardly any snow on the roads. Bike lanes were plowed but unused of course. And Citibike stations were cleared. And even some restaurants had al fresco setups. I have yet to see anything on goddamn Brooklyn, but it's easy to assume where it got cleared up (Bushwick, williamsburg) and where it's ignored (Bay ridge, Bensonhurst, East nY)

Mayor Big slow has really turned this city upside down bizzaro world with his screwy priorities. Right now he's making the rounds feigning disgust, concern, empathy and outrage at the neglect he's supposed to remedy. Being the job he was elected for.

When questioned by Queens locals he responded:


r185 said...

Does anyone really think ANY mayor would intentionally screw up plowing one of the boroughs? He's dealing with a historicly huge clean-up. Why would he intentionally bring that upon himself. Get real.

Queens Crapper said...

Who cares if it was intentional or a fuckup? The result is the same. Failure.

Anonymous said...

It also looks very suspect when you divert snowplows from white neighborhoods after you have stated that you don't need the white vote to win the election.

JQ LLC said...

Not to give Mayor Fun Size Bloomberg credit, but when we had the last blizzard during his illegal third term he bailed on the city, so it was kind of predictable that the boroughs sans Manhattan would get ignored. But Mayor Big Slow has not left and is making every effort to appear hands on and it still looks like scenes from Fargo in select areas of Queens. If you look at his press conferences he's blatantly passing the buck to the Sanitation Dept. and almost accusing them of incompetence. The only reason he's giving these announcements is because PIX (for once) has been on it and is using social media to shame into paying attention now.

And interesting that it's in middle class neighborhoods that don't have speculative trendy real estate interest but tight-knit communities. Woodhaven, Middle Village, Ozone Park, Briarwood, Maspeth, no hipsters or artisanal restaurants in these areas.

The question isn't why would he intentionally fuck up and sabotage himself, but why he would neglect areas that got hit the hardest. North and south eastern queens had the most snow and should have been top priority for plowing.

I wonder what L.I.C. looks like

Jerry Rotondi said...

I LOVE this feature, Crappy!
Update on northeast Queens:
My street got plowed twice last night and at least once on Monday.
Councilman Vallone wants to be re-elected so he must have been reading my posts challenging his capability in being able to remove the snow quickly. Maybe we should score one for the goombah.
Yet, if he did not read Queens Crap, he might not have pushed for the plowing, if he did so at all.

Anonymous said...

De Blasio comes from Brooklyn. WTF does he care about Queens.
Mayor Lindsay and Mayor De Blasio. They have been frozen out of office.

Anonymous said...

Last year it was the hysteric overreaction to a storm that didn't materialize, this year it is a lazy response to a bad storm. This dumb*ss can't get it right.

Some of those pics are hysterical! Whoever runs against them should pass them out on flyers in Queens. Better @tm them now!

I would write more but I have to go out and shovel. Again.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Is there really a duhBlazio apologist posting on this blog?

Listen, comrade, go start the "Re-elect duhBlazio" blog and stay off this one. Adults are conversing.

Even a 'historic' storm should have been handled better. Remember, we knew it was coming for a week!

The Department of Sanitation should have placed plows/sanders/salters in all five boroughs before the first snowflake fell. By 7 am Saturday they should have been criss-crossing their areas and salting/sanding. By Saturday night they would have been ahead on the main thoroughfares and start doing side streets.

They had all day Sunday and now Monday to do a majority of streets. That would have made it safer for everyone.

A chance for the big slow and the Sanitation crews to shine and they let it pass with apathy and poor planning.

Given his press conference about shoveling the snow, maybe the big slow should have asked NYC's neighbors to shovel our snow!

I pray someone, anyone, runs against him.

Anonymous said...

Duh Blasio sleeps late all of the time. Now he can sleep even later , and with a good excuse.
"My official vehicle is stuck in the snow anyway. Zzzzzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzzzz!
Wake me up for lunch".

Anonymous said...

DiblASSio mentioned Corona several times in his press conference yesterday. This morning i still haven't seen or heard any plows, garbage trucks pass along 37th avenue. MAJOR FAIL MAYOR !!

Middle Villager said...

I see by the second picture that DeBlas is finally coming through on affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

For the comment asking about LIC - Jackson, Vernon, 11th, 21st street were the only ones seriously plowed (the main roads). All side streets were snowed in and a snowplow was stuck off 11th street. My side street was plowed once, around noon on sunday. The plow got stuck halfway in and left (construction guys down the street cleared the rest of it so they could get back to work). I think they eventually got to them all after getting that one plow truck dug out. But no, it wasn't fast and certainly nothing like midtown, which always magically looks like there was no snow at all.

So yes, this was a queens-wide problem. Nowhere near as bad as woodhaven mind you, but certainly not like manhattan.

Van Bramer made it to Brunch tho so you know he doesn't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Snow is like white taxpayers,eventually it all goes away.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and great comments. Kudos to all!

Anonymous said...

Does a NYC Identification Card also entitle you to a free snow shovel?

Anonymous said...

Most the loaded plows/sanders/salters started being dispatched and parked on Manhattans west side and under the BQE around Park Slope days in advance of the storm.
This mayor is a big fat liar !
Why all these news people are keeping quiet protecting the mayor and sanitation boss I have no idea. Things are worse then both the Lindsay and Dinkins era combined

Anonymous said...

I seriously think its payback for protesting the homeless shelters in our QUEENS neighborhoods. He hates Queens and wants to destroy the middle class. Super rich funding the poor is his vision.

Joe Moretti said...

Hey, does that photo of the igloo belong to the ass in Brooklyn who attempted to post his igloo on AirBnB


Joe in Richmond Hill said...

IgLoo in street is DANGEROUS AND STUPID!

1) It attracts kids to play in it. Think about what will happen if a car or plow hits it!

2) It is blocking the street more than a the loose snow. It will slow down clearing of the streeet and emergency vehicles.

WHO EVER BUILT IT SHOULD REMOVE IT. In fact someone should, immediately.
The effort used to build it could have been used to clear some snow off the street or an elderly neighbors steps and sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than the mayor's response has been almost offhanded vacant reaction of Queens electeds. They saw the storm coming, they remember what happens every time, so where n the hell where they?

The only thing they know how to do is pander for votes with minorities, and take money from developers. They are coddled by the machine and Joe Crowley (BTW, where in the hell was he - I bet not even in NY!?!?!)

Anonymous said...

"Where they"
They won’t say shit because the mayor will throw wrenches into all the "legacies to themselves" they are constanly planning as remuneration should they make him look bad.
In other words they are all chicken shit and its the same thing with the TV news. NOBODY will show up or run a story. Lots of CORRUPTION and fear of retaliation going on !!!

Anonymous said...

Historic storm your ass.
The cleanup is major historic failure.

Anonymous said...

First "Be like Bill" meme that actually made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

All must have so many skeletons in the closet they are frightened to death to go against another. This is what eventually happens when you have a one party system for to long.
The only fix is to pull the flush chain and vote them all out of office. These politicians have been allowed to fester together like a hamper of dirty diapers for to long. NYC really needs a full federal investigation of the books, emails everything and a Governor with the balls to call for it. This will at least lite a fire and cull some of this corruption and rampant nepotism.