Friday, January 15, 2016

Woodside school has bad bug

From PIX11:

The stomach bug known as norovirus has sickened scores of children at a Queens elementary school.

A local elementary school that usually has more than 1,200 students in class had fewer than 1,000 on Thursday, a day after a virus sent at least 60 kids home, and then spread.

The school ensures families that the situation is being taken care of, but that's not stopping parents and students from wondering what the situation will be like on Friday.

Official numbers showed that classes were, on average, missing about 20 percent of their students, thanks to a Norovirus outbreak.

After the 60 students went home sick on Wednesday, a total of 230 students stayed home on Thursday. Then, once classes began, another 28, at least, went home with the virus's symptoms.

"Vomiting, and the stomach," said Leon, the fourth grader. "Most of the kids are having diarrhea."


Anonymous said...

I'm astonished this could happen !

Anonymous said...

Oops....for a minute I thought you meant bed bugs.
That would be a real bummer!

Anonymous said...

What did you expect when you have a school full of illegals?

A Better NYC said...

NYC public schools make me sick to my stomach too.

(sarc) said...

This to shall pass...

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a mother or father can't afford to stay home and watch their sick child, they send them to school.

This might have also come from a teacher or other school employee who couldn't miss a day.

Norovirus is awful. Get ready for many more cases. That is what those cruise ships had a number of years ago. Very hard to decontaminate.

Welcome to NYC 2016! DiBlasio's Paradise, Poop included! Watery poop at that!

Anonymous said...

I was sick as a dog for 5 weeks,antibiotics barley helped,after it was over came down with a severe cold a week later,never had this happen before,horrible
I feel for any kid that gets this,
Was going to the bathroom in a restaurant when the dishwasher came in,went and never washed his hands,could have been a cook for all I know,
I refuse to eat out in the winter months anymore,
Filthy slobs who don't wash,animals

Anonymous said...

Its not the illegals its the city's health department. Remember the Legionnaires disease fiasco? Whose fault was it that it spread the way that it did?? You know the answer!!

Anonymous said...

"The school ensures families that the situation is being taken care of....."


Anonymous said...

is this a result of enrolling 2500 Unacompanied Alien Children from S.America into the NYC school system without disease inspections ?

Anonymous said...

Norovirus is popular with people taking cruises.
Caused by unsanitary conditions, wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in the subways.
Some days you can smell ass so bad that you want to hurl.
We are becoming quickly a Third World nation.

Anonymous said...

I'll blame immigrants for a lot, but this isn't a disease of immigrants. It's a disease of people who don't wash their hands after taking a dump. I've seen plenty of filthy americans fail to wash their hands in the bathroom.

Choose your blames, the more you place blame, the less you will be heard.

Anonymous said...

another reason for illegal immigrants to stop popping out the jack pot babies.
If their home countries are so wonderful why aren't they there?