Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's all about the incentives

From Crains:

When Cumberland Packing Corp. said it would stop production at Sweet’N Low’s Brooklyn Navy Yard factory and lay off 320 people, the de Blasio administration did nothing. Public Advocate Letitia James demanded action, but the president of the Navy Yard, saying he was speaking for City Hall, issued a statement saying it was “unfortunate the global economic conditions in their industry forced [this] difficult decision to relocate.”

What Cumberland shows is that if the de Blasio administration’s goal is to grow the city’s manufacturing sector—and that’s what the mayor said last year—it can’t be done without incentives.


Anonymous said...

Lower their taxes or they will leave. Who pays the taxes they don't?

Build housing, if you include 'affordable housing' you get a tax break. Who pays the taxes then?

Making a movie/tv show? Come here, we will give you huge tax incentives! Who pays the taxes then?

How about lower the taxes for EVERYONE not just the people you have to pay to stay/build/work here!

Here is a radical thought: How about shrink government so there aren't so many parasites feeding at the trough? How can there be so many redundant levels of government all getting paid to spend OUR tax money, yet cutting the taxes on the few they want to come here for their photo ops?

And let them all have a raise while they are at it.

Anonymous said...

There are so many warehouses and factories still standing in LIC and other parts of Queens that could be used by manufacturers and other industries to make all sorts of products. Why hasn't the mayor or governor worked on creating incentives for small scale manufacturers so that they can stay in NYC??. There's alot of startups that would love to stay here and provide employment opportunities. They dont need a handout just the chance to play fairly and survive.

Here are some examples of businesses who are doing just that:

Anonymous said...

How come when a Republican wants to cut taxes the unwashed masses scream they are throwing away the surplus or otherwise reducing revenue, but when a Democrat wants to cut taxes for their supporters everyone jumps on board?

Stop the tax breaks. We all deserve a tax break. Its the high taxes that drive these groups away. Just reduce the tax rate for everyone, not just the select few who don't pump money into the economy anyway.

Anonymous said...

From the article:

When the Kraft Heinz Co. announced it would close three upstate plants and throw some 1,000 people out of work because of the need to cut costs in the cutthroat food business, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Charles Schumer jumped into action. They called the company—angrily, Schumer said later—and eventually came up with a $25 million package of state aid. Kraft Heinz agreed to keep the plants operating, at least for the next few years.

Schumer 'angrily' called them? And made up a $25 million package for them to stay? Why can't that a-hole get as angry at me? I would stay for a whole lot less.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to the "global economic problem".

If the locals are good for making profit, they should be good to be employed.
Want to relocate to Mexico, India ? No problem.
Will tax your profits, will put extra duty, taxes on your products.
Bringing in H1B visa employees because claimed lack of skills available locally?
Lets find out if is true first.
If not, extra taxes on H1B visas for you.

The laws need to be made by elected politicians not on the take and definitely not by corporations.

Anonymous said...

Secretary of State john Kerry married the Heinz ketchup widow Teresa Heinz the same John Kerry who would not pay the half million TAX on his yacht so he moved it to defraud Massachusetts the same John Kerry who advised wife to shut plants in NY and move to Mexico for cheep labor,
Mashup potato face doesn't like tax on the rich,just the poor
Yes Some demacrats do not like taxs at all,Unless

(sarc) said...

All you have to do is read the 74,608-page-long federal tax code.

Then you can read the New York State tax code and guidelines.

When you are finished with those delve into the New York State tax code, rules/regulations, and guidelines.

After all that, just meet with your local politician, of course have a NICE contribution cheque with you!

If the loophole cannot be found it will be promulgated...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see how little DeBlasio is doing to keep jobs in NYC.

I never thought I'd miss King Bloomberg.