Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where are the rest of the Queens pols?


JQ LLC said...

if you want to find sanitation plows, back hoes and front end trucks, look no further than the nearest high rise. Business and luxury residential properties in Midtown Manhattan cleared all the snow from their sidewalks and laid in on the street for our tax-paying city services to clean up. And in a first, even though it's a waste and downright stupid, the bike lanes were cleared for riding.

I am sure the same thing is happening by any of the monoliths and glass tumors/towers that were built in the last 5 years in Brooklyn.

I wonder what the new bike lanes on Queens Blvd look like, because if those were cleared, there will truly be hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

Wow an articulate elected official! I wish we had Eric Ulrich here in Maspeth! Instead we have a political do-nothing hack named Elizabeth Crowley who has trouble putting two words together. Didn't hear from her at all during or after the storm.

Anonymous said...

Where were Katz, Koslowitz, Stavitsky, and Hevesi of Forest Hills?

(sarc) said...

Of course he can talk about these, and many other issues.

I have seen him speak on many occasions.

He is intelligent and can form complete sentences, unlike many other City Council members.

He is in the minority and has minimal ability to do anything in a super majority democrat council. That said, he does fight for his constituents.

The rest of the "wonderful" City Council figure that this storm will just "blow" over and by the next election all will be forgotten and they will simply be reelected by all of the leeches in the system.

Just like the Mayor...

Anonymous said...

Serves those people in Woodhaven right for not voting with the party. Don't vote Democratic, no plows for you.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Julissa Ferreiras?? She represents Corona and should have been out there checking up on the city's efforts. Shame on her !!

Anonymous said...

You have got to vote Democrat or you will be punished by a Democratic mayor. Isn't this a Republican stronghold?
Then again, this is middle boondocks Queens. It doesn't matter which party you vote for. It has been written off.
The favored nabe status neighborhoods get the best city services. Look at the northeast region.
Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.
Keep on making noise. You're doing a great job , so far.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Don't be fooled by this 'isolated' press conference that was used to merely distract and divert everyone from Eric Ulrich's unresponsive record, that is only too well known by the rest of his fed up and disgusted constituents---this snow emergency conference is the ONLY visible accomplishment besides his abandoned 'graffiti cleanup program,' since 2009. His record of public service is abysmal!

He also has the lowest rating of ethics and honest, ethical leadership among all city council politicians that was posted online, approximately two years ago, where it's available for anyone to look up.

Now, he can return to sleepwalking for the rest of his unearned, lowest voter turnout term, until he awakens from suspended animation (again), to run for (and after!), another cradle-to-graver's senate seat, Joe Addabbo, Jr., whose own contempt for the 32nd councilmanic district makes Ulrich look like a member of MENSA!

Alas, it may be a new year, but it's the SAME CIRCUS, SAME CLOWNS under the big tent of QUEENS---and, their failed, political party machine acts NEVER CLOSE!

Anonymous said...

All our politicians were indoors in the warmth binge watching 'House Of Cards' !!!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line.....
You either live in the "right" or "wrong" part of Queens.
Here, northeast is the "right" part. Every mid borough nabe gets shafted.
Who lives in Douglas Manor?
Judge Golia, the Mattones, the Gressers, etc. etc. etc. powerhouses of politics. (The area enjoys having NYC historic district status too).
These movers and shakers draw resources from your nabe to work for theirs.
That's the way it goes.
BTW, it is a recorded fact that historic districts get better delivery of NYC services.
Think about that, you landmark status critics.

Anonymous said...

Where is stinky vallone?

I ain't votin' for Vallone said...

"Stinky" Vallone strokes his dome whilst he sits calmly on his throne.
He totes his comic books to the John...takes his leisurely cozy crap... while the rest of the district got dumped on.
"How am I doin'"? sez "the don".
"shitty!", shout his constituents!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's heard from Adam Lombardi.
Is he under a snow drift?

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Is that a great humpback white whale?
No, it's Moby Stavisky covered in snow!