Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What idiots came up with this?

From Gotham Gazette:

As New Yorkers begin a year of many voting opportunities, there are important questions that elections will help answer - like who the next U.S. President will be and which party will control the state Senate - but also concern about voter fatigue and thus, turnout.

There will be at least four chances for New Yorkers to cast votes in 2016, with three different primary election days leading up to November’s general election. There will be a presidential primary vote in April; congressional primaries in June; and state legislative primaries in September. There will also be special elections sprinkled in to fill empty seats in the state Assembly and Senate.

On April 19, New Yorkers will vote in their party primaries for president; on June 28, it will be primaries for all 27 New York members of the House of Representatives, with Senator Chuck Schumer on the ballot, too; and on September 13, primaries for all 63 seats of the State Senate and all 150 seats of the State Assembly.

No date has been set by the governor yet for special elections in the state legislature, including those to replace former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, whose 2015 corruption convictions created vacancies.

In 2015, some New York City voters cast ballots for new district attorneys, judges, and city Council members, among others. By the time New Yorkers vote for president in November, it could be their sixth trip to the polls in 14 months.


Anonymous said...

This bizarre voting schedule is the answer to the question, "How do you ensure a low voter turnout?"

(sarc) said...

How do you schedule Democratic Presidential debates so that NO ONE watches?

Why do you not want everyone to see an open and honest expression of ideas and opinions???

Anonymous said...

How can you have a Presidential Primary debate and not one person ask HRC about the email where she instructs an underling to remove the 'classified' tags and send it on her regular account.

Isn't there any Democrat who wants to be President?

Anonymous said...

I watched the debate,Hillarys anti white platform,white privilege has gone too far,into barely pay my bills,how is that white privilege?

Anonymous said...

'Politics will do you' as in politicians will screw you up the ass where it hurts and wont apologize for doing so. That's the ethos NYC politicians tend to follow.

Anonymous said...

HRC gets indicted.
Biden jumps in.
HRC gets pardoned by BHO on his last day in office.

JQ LLC said...

How do you schedule Democratic Presidential debates so that NO ONE watches?

Ask Debbie (sarc)

It's all to undermine the Sanders campaign. It failed.

Bare with me and my naivete, but this might be the end of political expediency as we know it.

A Sanders presidency will not be the end of the world, since the past 36 years of shady politics in the white house and on the potomac that has fostered obese wealth concentration to a select few, blowing off the burgeoning but now evident effects of worldwide climate change and the expansion of the military industrial complex in perpetual war torn nations and even small towns has done enough to hasten it.

Lighten up while you still can
Don't even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy

Anonymous said...

Step #1: Bend over, Step #2: Pull down your pants, Step #3: Shut up and cry like a bitch cause you just been screwed.

Anonymous said...

>How do you schedule Democratic Presidential debates so that NO ONE watches?

It's starting to feel like the DNC really really doesn't want another Democratic President. They'd rather have President Trump than President Sanders.

Molan Labe said...

keep your powder dry!

Anonymous said...

"Do" meaning what...fuck?
As in "Did you DO her"?
Stupid slogans on a button don't accomplish squat!