Thursday, January 21, 2016

AirBnB jerk cheated and harassed his own tenants, too

From PIX11:

Renter Justin Worsley describes Burak Firik, a man well known to PIX11 viewers for cheating landlords in Queens, as "aggressive .. basically a bully.”

Firik and another man, Dogan Kimilli, leased a three-bedroom apartment in Elmhurst from landlord Eddie Shiew and then illegally renovated it into small sleeping quarters they’d rent out by the night or week on

Following our two reports, PIX11 was contacted by a number of tenants who say they rented rooms from Firik in properties he had converted, and the results were disastrous.

Justin Worsley rented a room on Lefferts Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Though Firik’s name is not listed as the landlord on the property records, Worsley paid him $650 a month rent and a month’s security.

Six months later, Firik texted Worsley and the four other tenants saying, “everybody has to move out," so he could “demolish the house.”

“He then threatened me," Worsley said. "Told me he was gonna cut the power and the water, which he legally can’t do. He says he does this all the time. He’ll take all my stuff and throw it out in the streets.”

When Firik demanded the tenants move out immediately, Worsley texted back “we will not be out tomorrow, so you’ll be unable to demolish, sorry.”

Firik replied.

“You’ll see your ass on the streets. We know all the bloods and crips dawg.”


JQ LLC said...

So it takes some low life criminal slumlord pseudo-entrepreneur to get the bloods and crips to show solidarity and put aside their differences, all for the sharing economy. Is Oslo watching this?

The next time Arnold does an update, these 2 cretins will be frogmarched to patrol cars in cuffs hiding their faces under their coats.

A more deserving fate is seeing them get beat down on the street on you tube.

Anonymous said...

“You’ll see your ass on the streets. We know all the bloods and crips dawg.”

The Crips are an LA gang. No one who knows actual gangsters would make that mistake.

(sarc) said...

He will end up a "maytag" after he gets locked up...

Joe Moretti said...

No, he is not working on all the angles as this report states, he is involved in criminal behavior and actions, so why are these guys still on the street.

Anonymous said...

These two sound like they deserve each other. A squatter versus a p.o.s. 'landlord'. Two men enter, hopefully neither leave!

Anonymous said...

Millenial Tech Hustlers' is what they are !! They exploit 'sharing-economy' companies that operate in the free world wide web and get away with it.