Saturday, January 2, 2016

I couldn't have said it better myself

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

So the rag Queens Tribune names Queens Borough President hack, Melinda Katz as 2015 person of the year because according to this rag, she is a true advocate and voice for the people in the borough.

Mind blogging how a Queens newspaper can name this hack in a long line of hack Queens Borough Presidents. I guess really not mind blogging considering that the majority of Queens papers are pretty much just puppets of the elected officials and really do not dig deep enough and expose the real truth of what is really going on in Queens and with the many useless and crooked elected leaders that are not held accountable. This list of accomplishments that this rag mentioned are really not accomplishments at all. She was forced to do something in regards to the bullshit at the Queens Library, something she knew had been going for some time. After The Daily News broke the story, she was backed into a corner to do something, otherwise nothing would have happened. A fresh coat of painting on the falling apart New York State Pavilion (that her predecessors allowed to deteriorate for decades) is NOT an accomplishment.

And as a resident of Jamaica and seeing the awful conditions of Jamaica on a daily basis and her office ignoring both my hundreds of complaints as well as community activist Pamela Hazel’s complaints, her bullshit comprehensive plan for the future of Jamaica is as worthless as the paper is was printed on, especially considering that in less than an hour before 2016 began, yet another person in Jamaica was shot and killed, this time a 16 year old from Rosedale, who was shot in the head at Merrick Blvd and 109th, a notorious area for crime. Let’s see how great this comprehensive plan is for Jamaica is in 2016, hell even 2017 for that matter. I have a feeling it is going to be the same old shit and IF, and that is a big IF, Jamaica does eventually turn around, it will have little to do with people like her, Leroy Comrie or any of the other useless fuck leaders in this community. Let’s face it, it is these same leaders, past and present who stood by and allowed a community to deteriorate for decades (probably in hopes that real estate developers would swoop in and buy property and land for dirt cheap at the expense of the people in the community). Same thing that happened after Katrina in New Orleans, same thing that happened in Detroit. Blatant destruction of cities under the watchful eyes of government, big banks, big real estate developers and crooked politicians.

The article ends with “In pushing for a change in state law allowing her to remove and reappoint trustees of the Queens Library, and by changing membership at several community boards, Katz has proven the borough president is anything but “useless.”

So by Katz having the power to appoint who she wants or to remove who she wants on boards proves that she is anything but “useless”…………………………..Yep, that proves she is not useless, but just another crooked politician to control the government process to do whatever the hell she wants as opposed to government of the people, by the people, for the people.

So fuck the whore rag Queens Tribune and their person of the year, another in a long line of hack whore politicians that talk a big talk, but in reality that do shit to help improve the quality of life for the people in the borough. Don’t believe it, just talk to your average Queens resident.

(And in other Queens BP hack news, Katz has appointed yet another lifer to oversee community boards.)


(sarc) said...

New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, LA, etcetera.

All run overwhelmingly by democrats.

Coincidence? I think NOT...

Anonymous said...

And it was the People for the Pavilion who raised the attention toward saving that Worlds Fair icon. She had nothing to do with it and only got involved because she wanted to get the credit. There is something off about her. She always says or does something irrational. Her personal life appears to affect her work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the papers call her on why she had Kwaanza and Hanukkah celebrations at Boro Hall but had none for Christmas???? 60% of Queens residents are Christian.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please investigate how much she paid Lost Planet to make Queens the number one destination in the U.S. The people of Queens are not fools. She must know someone at that media outlet and promised them something in return. Hopefully someone will reveal the truth behind this scandal.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, Melinda never looks better than when she's sitting on her throne. Now I know what Sliwa saw in her.

JQ LLC said...

The Queens Steamer (that photo just aptly illustrates my moniker for her doesn't it) self-proclaimed painting over the pavillion could not be a better analogy for the honey glazing over all the blight and derelict conditions of everything in the borough she supposedly is responsible for the upkeep of, and it applies to every doe-eyed hallucinagenic fever dreaming hack elected's views of the surroundings they barely visit. Places they have plenty of time in their part-time voter enabled positions to see for themselves . In fact, painting over that rusted useless outdated relic looks just as stable as my attempts to keep my sneakers together with krazy glue.

And her boast of fixing the library board is just a killing joke, just another reason to demand validation for something that should have been done in the first place.

The steamer's recent appointment to oversee community and park operations only portends doom for all our parks (the backyards of the struggling middle and lower classes) this year.

Unless the public lets out their bottled anger collectively with the explosive fury of Joe Moretti's astute and eloquently vulgar counter tribute to stop these demented oblivious douchebags and douchehags, our parks are going to be officially privatized and major streets will be blocked off to traffic and local residents running errands with weekly high priced artisan and natural food markets, immature competitive events, expensive and potentially destructive festivals and bazaars that only the frivolous spending walking dead of the moron zeitgeist can only enjoy.

And debunking and trashing the tribune is a great start, I don't think anyone will take them seriously again and will mostly be used to line the floors of the butcher room supermarkets in the morning.

In fact, it's time to go after this lame version of journalism that is being passed off on the local news media and newspapers who are enabling this pablum and bullshit of hot towns and ballooning rental and housing market rates and embarrass and shame them for their complicity. And in the case of certain websites and newspapers, duplicity (gothamist food and drink sections and the new york times style and real estate sections)

The jig is fucking up.

georgetheatheist said...

Nussbaum (publisher of the suck-up Tribune): Wanna buy an ad? Full page, half page or quarter of a page?

A. Lincoln said...

"...and that government of Katz, by Katz, and for Katz shall not perish from the earth."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that her great fete of having the pavilion painted has left the observation towers sticking out looking like an even worse eyesore? Only in Queens, people.

Anonymous said...

It's Lonely Planet. and I take issue w/ all the obscenities in the post and name calling. You can disagree with her but it almost turns someone on her side when you reduce yourself to school yard taunts.

Katz is not perfect but to call her a whore and to use the word fuck is not useful.

Queens Crapper said...

What is useful? How do you think she talks about her serfs behind their backs?

JQ LLC said...

"Katz is not perfect but to call her a whore and to use the word fuck is not useful"

The high road is condemned. For the every fuck written there are facts behind them. And Katz, Deblasio and the likes of them are deaf dumb and blind to the needs of the residents here and the neglect shown by them and their capitulation to moneyed interests is equivalent to any filthy sophomoric word uttered.

Think about when that guy and Jon Stewart were calling certain congress people assholes, and they managed to get the Zadroga act reinstated. People that initially try to ignore ears prick up pretty fast when a curse or vulgar insult is thrown their direction.

Seems motherfucking useful to me.

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous said...

It's Lonely Planet. and I take issue w/ all the obscenities in the post and name calling. You can disagree with her but it almost turns someone on her side when you reduce yourself to school yard taunts.

Katz is not perfect but to call her a whore and to use the word fuck is not useful.

I called Katz a "political whore", not a whore. And the 1st amendment give me the right to say whatever I want and you have the fucking right not to read this blog if you are offended.

You should be more offended how that political whore Katz and her fellow whores continually refuse to address major quality of life issues in this borough and fuck over the average people here. My tax dollars and yours pay the salaries of these political whores, so see they work for us, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Gary Ackerman,Founder QUEENS Tribune ,The good old days.

Anonymous said...

"they work for us, not the other way around
Joe, most of the "Sheeple" in this city forget that and need to be reminded !

Anonymous said...

*It's Lonely Planet. and I take issue w/ all the obscenities in the post and name calling. You can disagree with her but it almost turns someone on her side when you reduce yourself to school yard taunts.

Katz is not perfect but to call her a whore and to use the word fuck is not useful.*

Oh my, why don't you read about the Clintons?
Seasoned Secret Service agents were turning colors when they heard them argue.
Makes this blog look like Sunday morning school.
You posting here like a lost priest with an English language degree does no justice to you man.
Or maybe you are political operative who sees a problem with certain words, but sees nothing wrong how people of this borough getting royally - FUCKED - by corrupt, no good, self serving, pompous politicians.
Talk about double standard.

Anonymous said...

"I called Katz a "political whore", not a whore"

You can legally say "I think she's a whore (Political or otherwise) To call her a whore (Political or otherwise) is totally different. The first example is a statement of opinion (I think) the second is an accusation and to be free of libel/slander accountability you must be ready to PROVE she's a whore..

Anonymous said...

Lost Planet is more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

They should name councilwoman Juliissa Ferreiras 'Minion of The Year'. She hasnt done much for Corona,Queens since she took office.

georgetheatheist said...

Lonely Planet readers pay a courtesy visit to Queens Borough Hall and ask Melinda Katz to retract her suggestion to tour Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Katz is turning a blind eye as dozens of deplorable, illegal homeless shelters are being opened in her borough...many with no contracts.

Anonymous said...

Curtis had sex with her and he is still paying
Just saying
That is a fact, right?

Anonymous said...

Its not "mind blogging" but "mind boggling". Lets get that straight first.

How Mindy Katz is hooked up with Curtis Sleazwa is even more mind "boggling". This reflects the sad state of Queens politics. Can't US Attorney Preety Bhara look into cleaning up Queens?

Anonymous said...

We don't need a Boro President. We have a City Council! Why do we need both???

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous said...

Its not "mind blogging" but "mind boggling". Lets get that straight first.
Thanks for the correction. Anger can get in the way of spelling and proper grammar.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Alas, the entire Queens Borough Hall (and its recalcitrant, dysfunctional, parent agency, City Hall), are a dereliction of public duty that only buttresses a systemic crisis in honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example), as they completely devalue all honesty itself.

On Monday, November 30, 2015, I received a call from Melinda Katz's General Counsel, Alisa Velasquez, regarding important civic business (that was delayed from April 8, 2014!), and despite her assurances of a call back, I still haven't heard from her---and, now it's January 3. 2016!

This kind of unacceptable behavior (and hardly commendable conduct) by this dysfunctional and dereliction administration that is openly practices, just continues to reinforce how the crisis in honest, ethical leadership in Queens County (as in everywhere else!) is much more profound, tolerated and out of control than any other time in our city's intensely false, fake and failed leadership.

It's the worst kind of taxation without representation, that has now forced the hand of all languishing constituents (myself includeed), to take matters into one's own hands, that completely reinforces the return of the vigilantism climate of the societal decay and erosion of the 1970s (have they ever really left New York?)!?!

And, just as former mayoral candidate Joe Lhota correctly predicted back in 2013, should Bill de Blasio be elected to the mayoralty (not that there is any great admiration and/or inspired confidence in anything else claimed by this 'Establishment Republican,' of epic fail, that Lhota himself has always represented), the hands of time have predictably regressed back to the lawless anarchy of New York City in the 1970s---and with THIS currently unresponsive administration, it's only getting worse by the hour!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Well said, Comrade JQ---and please keep saying it---to ALL of the REAL 'MOTHERF**KERS who have systematically transformed Queens County into a filthy, toxic, politial raw sewage plant of unearned, undeserved privilege and private splendor, versus public squalor, beggary and obscurity for everyone else who pays for extreme taxation without representation--and the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned---with a vengeful, unprecedented impunity!

Hence, your solid (majority concurred) post, and most eloquent 'MOTHERF**KER' sentiment takes the 'Exalted Prized of the Year---AND IT'S ONLY JANUARY 3RD!!!

And, likewise, if the exalted, self-imposed, monarchy dictatorship powers that be continue to ignore the urgent (and pitifully long overdue) needs of We The People, then we can all expect the deepest wells of more of the same societal collapse, vigilantism---and outright anarchy to prevail (currently in mid-level progress), which is a direct, 'Cause And Effect' of the total collapse of all accountable, ethical, transparent, open and responsive government leadership that has now completely devalued all honesty itself!

Now, how's THAT, JQ (and any and all of the tone deaf, empowered idiots of Borough/City Hall), for effective, resounding communication to strenuously echo the majority sentiment, MOTHERFU**ERS?


Strunk & White said...

recalcitrant, dysfunctionaL
false, fake and failed
filthy, toxic, politial raw sewage
squalor, beggary and obscurity
duped, bilked, scammed and damned
Mr. Iritano - verbosity run amok: Your homework assignment is to use less adjectives when one will do.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

And, here's YOUR new year's homework assignment, Strunk & amp: You write what you like without censor, and I'll write the way my conscience dictates, without your unsolicited advice!

But, where, oh where is your quick display of sharp criticism, I shouldn't wonder, over how you and everyone else are are getting fleeced, duped and scammed by all of the filthy, corrupt politicians, who just keep robbing, cheating and stealing with impunity by the hour---and easier than they collectively breathe? Cat got your tongue? Or, are you just a flummoxed, bitter, off course ship in search of an iceberg?

Alas, I always find it fascinating how someone will exert full energy (as they quizzically vilify the judicious public watchdogs of the remnants of society, who take the time to provide great public service, by calling out all political greed, graft and corruption), but who likewise remain silent and complicit, regarding the 'on topic' discussion---the REAL issues!

It's just like there is a big, stinking, elephant turd in the center of the large, empty conference table at Borough Hall. And, then there is 'Strunk & amp at the helm, who declares: "Smell? What Smell? I don't smell anything?"

Choose your battles with meaning and purpose, El Strunk-o, and direct your anger to where it is justified---just like the rest of us here who weighed in---or not at all. Class dismissed!

Anonymous said...

Eliminate the office of borough president!!

Anonymous said...

Strunk & White said...

*Your homework assignment is to use less adjectives when one will do.*

Well, why don't you bring up any issue and I'll bury your sorry ass with facts shillster.

Also entertain your family members with homework assignments, maybe they appreciate your elitist attitude. OK Punky?
Say Hello to the party members.

JQ LLC said...

"We don't need a Boro President. We have a City Council! Why do we need both???"

"Eliminate the office of borough president!!"


Let's look at the other figureheads elected that seem to run the other boroughs.

Brooklyn Goddamn's Eric Adams, once a good activist for black policemen, has become a spineless chump for developers and entertainers, and is ignoring the residents concerns about creeping gentrification and pestilence hyper development of towns like crown heights, east new york, and sunset park.

The Boogie Down Bronx's (RIP) Ruben Diaz Jr., this worm is enabling ludicrous speculation with his approval of the worst golf course in the country which is near a poor housing project and the rebranding of an area by predator developers (the Piano district???) that was christened with an gross inappropriate art display glorifying a dark age of the area (the bronx is burning). When questioned about the show he blew people off while reassuring them that gentrification was not imminent,

Manhattan's Gale Brewer comes off decent at times and did start the backlash and temp halt on our Mayor's idiotic ZQA plan. And there isn't much ink written about S.I.'s James Oddo although there are ridiculous affordable luxury tower and mall plans for the coastal areas ( again building by the water, there's that sense of invincibility and immunity present in this century of humanity)

And we all know enough about Ms Katz and her prior employers which incidentally has a stake in the supposed improvements in our troubled borough. Her, Adams and Diaz jr. continues the tactics employed by the infamous Donald Manes, the difference is that the laws and the loopholes in them make all these wanton projects and transactions nice and legal. The majority of the city council have become feckless well paid well rested pawns who don't seem or want to do a damn thing, I assume to the expansion of the position and influence of the borough president.

Unfortunately, these bogus titles and positions are not going to cease. The only way for true change and accountability is to have candidates aren't conniving and greedy and truly give a shit for the residents and environment of their borough and districts.

And as mentioned endlessly here, it will not come and get worse if you keep voting for the same hacks or don't show up at all on election day. Or more important, primary day.

And the local news media has to stop playing viral videos and going to the weather every 5 minutes and fill up that time covering our elected politicos and not wait till they get busted or involved in a scandal too report them.

Way to add to the tree of justified vitriol Richard, Salute!

and as for the use of profanities to persuade and analyse, if I may be so bold to paraphrase Malcolm X

"It doesn't mean that I advocate cursing, but at the same time, I am not against using cursing in self-defense. I don't call it cursing when it's self-defense, I call it intelligence."

Anonymous said...

You can legally say "I think she's a whore (Political or otherwise) To call her a whore (Political or otherwise) is totally different. The first example is a statement of opinion (I think) the second is an accusation and to be free of libel/slander accountability you must be ready to PROVE she's a whore..

I don't have a law degree, but I think, under US law, Katz would have the burden of proof in a lawsuit to prove that she is not a whore. In the UK, Joe would have the burden of proof in a lawsuit to prove that she is a whore.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Hey, Strunk & White, when you're in a ditch---stop digging!

And, who the hell appointed you to online censor, anyway??? And to call me elitist, then threaten to "bury my sorry ass with facts" is not your best way to usher in a new year of any pretense of reason (and now sanity), much less engender open discussions that I have exercised my First Amendment rights to post, while you invite a hostile environment that you yourself created---to futile, hyper-aggressive effect! Stop with the sophomoric, online bullying, fool---the world does not rotate around your monstrous ego!

Further, save all of that displaced anger for a competent therapist---you've got no business to attack anyone on this thread, least of all me, in which you now have now made oddly personal!

Finally, I have no idea what "say hello to the party members means," and if you stayed on topic in the first place, then I wouldn't have to publicly wipe the floor with your sorry, anonymous, cowardly ass, where it's seriously doubtless that you would speak out in such unjustified anger, if your real name were revealed!

Stop bullying others online, and grow up already! What a vile, shabby and angry way for you to start a new year. Now, was that too many adjectives for your adolescent, confrontational brain chemistry to handle???

Anonymous said...

Jamaica is Katz's littler box....and the crap keeps on mounting up!

Anonymous said...

@Richard Iritano

Take it easy, you are responding to a comment that was meant for you.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe said...

Less is more.

Ergo, conversely, more is less.


[Why yes, of course, you may indeed laminate that for your wallet.]

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Hey, Ludwig, it would be far easier for you to laminate your own pie hole, and render YOURSELF VERBOTEN!

And, this, Queens Crap residents, is why we have corrupt, empowered idiots in city government---when the messenger is shot, as the message itself is diverted to off topic mediocrity, unsolicited censure and lampoon!

Even the REAL Mies van der Rohe himself (now grammatically correct), is laughing in disbelief, from beyond the grave!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, aren't you that lunatic that feels you were unjustly fired from the MTA and have spent the last decade writing, emailing and haranguing any and all elected officials?

Anonymous said...

Iritano. You really are full of yourself. Why do you think that Ludwig was talking about you?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Hey, Anonymous, aren't you that public fool (who hides under anonymous cover, no less!), who continues to publicly harass and harangue others like me for sport and recreation, when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, and have the IQ of rain???

And, as for the other Anonymous public fool: Who's really full of themselves here, between a person like you (who hides his identity, like all protected, mouthy, cowards online), and a REAL person like me, who doesn't need a cover at all??? You're both a lazy combination of two swinging big balls---with nothing in between them!

Not a good way to start a new year, by senselessly attacking other speakers (just like last year!), while ignoring the ON TOPIC discussion that completely escapes your Twitter-level attention span! It's easy to see why adolescent children continue to bully others in school, when there are vapid bullies at home like you who teach them how it's done.

Hopefully, two misfit, 'Anonymous' troglodytes like you have spared society the burden of hatching more brainless, simple life forms, for the cycle of all 'bullies without brains' (also made worse, without identities), to continue targeting and infecting others in your pathetic, cowardly wake.

Posting trash and hiding is the mark of all cowardice---in which you now both completely define---to precedent effect!

Joe Moretti said...

I can read Richard & JQ LLC's comments all day. Well articulated and right on point. The naysayers who complain about what they say or "how long" the comments, are just whinny assholes, who do nothing and attempt to skirt the issues at hand. Back seat drivers are just that, in the back, watching their world go by and down the tubes. They, unfortunately tend to be in the majority and why are communities are they way they are and why political whores like Katz are in office for so long.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Thank you kindly, Joe Moretti! You, me & JQ are but three voices of reason and sanity (in a world devoid that is devoid of it), that now engenders the exception, and not the rule, for reason and common sense to prevail.

And, anyone who willfully 'Attacks And Retreats,' and 'Accuses And Evades' only reinforces the need for a bigger, online following with the will, determination and power to actually contribute effectively to all problem solving, civil discourse and open dialogue (that engenders an inclusionary and receptive audience), instead of gratuitous rancor, division, recreational hostility and rapid-fire mindlessness, that is so completely venal, pejorative and off topic altogether!

So, Happy New Year to you and JQ, and premium health and happiness to all others, whose hopes and visions are invested in communicating more effectively---and, in ways that all political leadership themselves, finally start behaving like 'responsive' representatives of the people (whose ever climbing taxes pay for their vastly overpaid, phantom services that continue to betray all pretense of public trust, not to mention honest, ethical leadership, that leads by example), with impunity.

It's a new era, fellow Queens residents, where sunshine is STILL the best cleansing agent of them all! So, keep talkin' the talk, and walkin' the walk, Joe & JQ, whilst keeping the First Amendment alive---as well as all abrogated democracy itself!

Guess Who said...

Moretti and JQ are easy reads. You, Iritano, are a tedious and soporific read.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Tedious? Soporific? That's what your horrified, paid escort said about you last night, Guess Who---and it's 'Mr.' Iritano to YOU!

Hey, Guess Who, it's 2016, instead of choosing nasty and mean---get a clue, before I wipe the floor with you, too!

Too late!