Saturday, January 30, 2016

DOB asked to audit Bayside's attached McMansion

You may recall Bayside's attached McMansion
Notation at bottom of Schedule "A" says ONE-FAMILY DWELLING
Zoning Diagram says Dwelling Units: 3
Now there's a call for an audit by DOB from Senator Avella.


Anonymous said...

And as usual Tony Avella to the rescue. What is wrong the DOB and the idiots who zone? It is criminal to allow such a big house next to a small one. The DOB is not doing their job. I want the DOB and it's blind plan examiners audited.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were a "Like" button.

Anonymous said...

10 46-08 216 STREET 46-08 - 46-08 4595600
13 46-10 216 STREET 46-10 - 46-10 4157662

This actually is two tax lots formed from a single zoning lot -- one lot has a one-family home and the other is a NB 2-family home. DOB needs to realize that the FAR is to be calculated for the Single Zoning Lot.

Chang said...

Fit 25 people and only needs single space & 1 car garage and one sewer pipe ?
How much money does it cost to get approved I want to buy some small houses on that street and fix them

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio wants it this way so there is little chance the practice will stop, even if the Senator prevails on the DOB this one time.

The Mayor has to pay back the unions and the real estate donors who got him elected (over 70% of us didn't even bother to vote so maybe we are also to blame here) and so he will look the other way while buildings like this go up everywhere.

"The fish stinks from the head down"

JQ LLC said...

These macmansions remind of The Munsters house.

And it also reminds me that the fire ninja is still out there...

Anonymous said...

Federal investigation of DOB NOW!

Enough of this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

One bit of good news today:

***HSBC Curbs Mortgage Options to Chinese Nationals Buying U.S. Real Estate***

"Europe’s biggest lender HSBC will no longer provide mortgages to some Chinese nationals who buy real estate in the United States, a policy change that comes as Beijing is battling to stem a swelling crowd of citizens trying to get money out of China.

An HSBC spokesman in New York told Reuters on Wednesday that the new policy went into effect last week, roughly a month after China suspended Standard Chartered and DBS Group Holdings Ltd from conducting some foreign exchange business and as authorities try to limit capital outflows.

Realtors of luxury property in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, said more than 80 percent of wealthy Chinese buyers have ties to China."

You can read the rest here:

Anonymous said...

Pay back the unions? You are dreaming if you think any unions are anywhere near to working on a single family house. Trust me it is not 1961 anymore, regretfully so.

Anonymous said...

I posted about this before.
There is something very strange going on with these McMansions.
Now is confirmed.

"Arcadia…where have we heard that before. Oh yeah: Welcome to Arcadia – The California Suburb Where Wealthy Chinese Criminals are Building Mansions to Stash Cash"

Money laundering, offshore accounts and EB5 visas.
Multiple laws are being violated on a daily bases.
All of this needs a federal investigation.
If they won't do it, they Chinese government will as they are also interested in all the money laundering that goes on here.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Lee is friends of the homeowner. The deal is sealed.

Anonymous said...

HSBC? Isn't that the Hang Seng Bank of China?
China is in a serious financial slump. Maybe they want to keep their cash within the mainland.

Anonymous said...

Face it, the addition looks better than what it replaced. Tear down the other part!
Then it will all be in character.

Anonymous said...

We are all playing by Chinese Checkers' rules.
Offshore money talks and bullshit walks.

Anonymous said...


Man you need to do some research,.
No wonder we are getting fucked over around here.

Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation = HSBC.

Is British, headquartered in London!

"China is in a serious financial slump. Maybe they want to keep their cash within the mainland."

This much is true. Also true that they are our biggest creditor.
I posted about this, but for some reason never made it. Is OK.

You can do your research, they do want to keep the money local.
Apparently their own vibrant population says to their own government fuck you!
So here they come with the mansions, Lamborghini's, money for pretty much everything. NYC politicians call it a boom.

Since China is the biggest buyer of gold in the world, their slump is not much compared to what is waiting for us here.

Anonymous said...

If the British are tied in you can bet that the Chinese have equal footing in HSBC.
YOU need to read between the lines, fella. Been in banking. Know the real drill.

Anonymous said...


Well, no wonder.

Bonus: You know you are dealing with quality when your Architect uses a hotmail address!!!

Anonymous said...

All other concerns aside, isn't money being moved from the Chinese economy to the American economy a good thing for our economy, and a bad thing for theirs?