Saturday, January 9, 2016

Laurelton deed scammer going to trial

From the Daily News:

Criminal proceedings against an ex-con accused of stealing a 70-year-old woman’s house out from under her will proceed as planned, a Queens judge ruled Friday.

Darrell Beatty, 50, can’t hide from the 10 charges against him related to his alleged deed scam against homeowner Jennifer Merin.

Beatty, 50, could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted on grand larceny, burglary and other charges for allegedly forging paperwork declaring him the owner of Merin's three-bedroom Laurelton home.


(sarc) said...

In the good old days you would be sent to the gallows for stealing a horse.

This will be pleaded down to minimal charges before trail starts.

The poor lady will suffer through a kangaroo court.

She will receive no restitution for her losses from the piece of garbage scammer.

15 years? I will be surprised if he serves 15 months...

Anonymous said...

Further investigate, he didn't do this on his own and there might be more properties he robbed. Who let him do it? The Queens Courts and the NYC Dept of Finance. She should be suing the City to recoup her damages.

Anonymous said...

what a surprise, a black man with a criminal history and a pit bull in Queens County did wrong by an old white lady.

the miracle is he didn't attack and murder her, then set her body on fire.

this should proceed as a hate crime. Beatty didn't rob the home of an old black or Asian woman. He targeted a white woman.

Anonymous said...

Social Justice - bringing about equality

Anonymous said...

This prick needs to get the max sentence and be put in a prison as far away from nyc as you can get!

Anonymous said...

what an ape.

Anonymous said...

Remember when "Social Justice" was an important political movement instead of the punchline of a joke and an excuse for bullies to feel self-righteous while they abuse strangers?

How much has changed in two years.