Monday, January 18, 2016

Deal done for horse carriages

From NY1:

The Mayor's office and the Teamsters Union announced a tentative deal late Sunday that would reduce the number of horses and permanently move the carriages to Central Park.

Under the agreement, the number of licensed horses would drop from about 180 to 110 by December 1.

That number will eventually be reduced to 95 by the time a new stable is built in Central Park.

That stable is expected to be complete by October 2018, and will have room for 75 horses and 68 carriages.

Once the stable is finished, all travel and operations will be confined to Central Park.

There are still a number of issues to be ironed out, including how to compensate carriage drivers who will lose their jobs under the deal.


Anonymous said...

If they allow 95 horses by the time the stable is built and the stable boards 75, where are the other 20 going to stay?

Anonymous said...

Nobody’s yet accounting for grazing/pasture land/space. Online, it says that pasture space for horses usually runs about 1.0 - 1.5 acres per horse, but that is if the pasture space is going to be used for the horses to eat the grass. Since these horses will undoubtedly be fed hay in their stables, the horses will not need so much pasture space for grazing. Nevertheless, the pasture space will have to be maintained free of dung and made sure that the ground doesn't turn sour. I don't know if that will require rotating the grounds that will be used for pasturing. If so, then perhaps the pasture field will have to move to other areas of the park or be made large enough for the horses to rotate within their pasture land. The good thing is that the pasture space will not need to be so big, since it will only be used for relaxation. NYCLASS has not yet said how much pasture land they want to reclaim from Central Park.

Anonymous said...

AND the mayor of NY will be happy that he destroyed livelihoods for all those people? not to mention the people who work at the stables and provides supplies and services to the stable.

This is about ending work/paid employment for white people. Remember that when you to into the voting booth. One term mayor!

It was never about the horses. It has always been about the real estate. DeBlasio used the animal rights people.

There was a time when politicians ran on platforms that said things like a chicken in every pot, employment for everyone who wants it.

The blame goes to DeBlasio's black wife, Chirlaine. Look at how she speaks, his wife is all ghetto. Chirlaine is a white hater.

Anonymous said...

summary: This was all just a real estate deal to free up the building the stable currently occupies. As is true for 95% of the news in this city, the decisions are made based on property value.

Anonymous said...

And now DeDumDum's real estate campaign supporters must be throwing the biggest party ever. They will get their uber valuable real estate and the horses will be shoved into smaller spaces, under the guise of "animal humanity". What a transparent load of baloney. And what happens to the horses in excess of the 95 and their owners?

Anonymous said...

Hey Central Park!!!
Welcome to the world of park commercialization. Think Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Avella must be ecstatic.
It was only one of his few and far between successes as a city councilman.
Do I hear a horse laugh out there?
Gotta tell the truth. Sorry you Tony fans.
Tony has few political friends because he is anti corruption.
Most pols are corrupt. So there you go.
Better to have a few honest friends than a lot of crooked ones.
Bravo Tony for sticking to your guns.
Wasn't it Diogenes who was always looking for an honest man?

Anonymous said...

The so called "guys" who are losing their jobs I dare say it...maybe Irish mob?
Most of the drivers are. Hmmmmm....maybe the last hang out for the old Westies?

Anonymous said...

"Hey Central Park!!!
Welcome to the world of park commercialization. Think Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Just sayin'..."

Not too familiar with Central Park -are you.

We've had multiple commercial operations there since the 1930's. There are likely more as a percentage of sq/mi there than in the larger parks in Queens.

I do feel this was ultimately a face-save for the Mayor and leaves us with a bunch of messy horses and businessmen on public park land.

Anonymous said...

Progressive liberal is a mental disease.
Waiting for Central Park to be sold off to the highest bidder.
They are so blatant not even trying to hide it anymore.

Anonymous said...

```Anonymous said...
```Progressive liberal is a mental disease.

I'm so sick and tired of people calling de Blasio a progressive. Is he a real progressive? No.

Does the mayor think you will keep believing this? 'I said the word progressive so many times now, people will have to believe it.' No, they don't. I think he thinks we are idiots. That's why he thinks we must believe him.

Would a real progressive sell off NYCHA playgrounds to developers for market-rate apartments? No. Would a real progressive liquidate community gardens to push more real estate development? No. The mayor promised no more hospital closings. 'Not one more,' he said at a rally to save LICH in 2013, then LICH closed in 2014.

If anything, the mayor is giving real progressives a bad name. The proof is right here, by anon calling progressive liberals a 'mental disease.' It's not mental to want things to be better for the common man. What is mental is the mayor running corruption 'so blatant' that he is 'not even trying to hide it anymore,' as you say.

The closing of the horse carriage stables is being done just to set up more real estate development. Just like the selling of the Brooklyn Heights Library was done in order to make way for another luxury apartment building.

de Blasio is motivated by corruption in terms of his approach ... and then he makes you wrongly believe that corruption is part of what it means to be progressive. If you fail to see that the two have nothing to do with each other, I guess you are proving him right--we are just idiots. You're not really giving his spin doktors that much work to do. You are basically doing their dirty work for them.

(sarc) said...

People at the Glue Factory need work too...

Anonymous said...

Central Park is not FMCP....which HAS already been sold out to the highest bidders.
The highly effective Central Park Conservancy will continue to ensure their park's preservation.
Remember, John Paulson (an old Queensite) passed over Queens for a donation of 100 million dollars to the Central Park Conservancy.
Queens is every politician's and philanthropist's lowly step child.
It is our fate to be mediocre losers, being the last to be civilized farm borough of NYC. Staten Island belongs to Jersey, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Our tax dollars will pay for welfare of the people that this unwanted, unneeded plan will toss out of work.

Will we be paying for the horses too?

Anonymous said...

Anon #3, why do you gotta turn it into a race issue? You're just as bad as the Sharpton types.

Anon #11, right on. DeBlasio is no progressive.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the horses. I wanna know what the hell DiblASSio is going to do about the homeless!!

Anonymous said...

Dope! Horses never grazed. They were fed oats or whatever.