Friday, January 8, 2016

Ticking time bombs on our streets?

From CBS 2:

In a growing danger for drivers, cars that cannot pass inspection remain on the road with stickers that are either fake, or obtained through fraud.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, it meant a felony charge for one local driver.

A total of 12 million vehicles are registered in New York state, and a shocking number have inspection stickers that are either fake or acquired through fraud.

Last summer, police in Babylon, Long Island found 93 counterfeit stickers on cars in the Long Island Rail Road parking lot.

The offense usually means a ticket for a driver, but on Tuesday night, New York State Police stopped Angel Calvo of Putnam County for speeding – and charged him with a felony for having a fake inspection sticker.

“Someone being prosecuted with a felony for having a fake sticker, I think, is a very strong deterrent,” said AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair.

Sinclair said cars that cannot pass inspection often have safety issues such as bad brakes.


Joe said...

They impound your car and hang you for this on Long Island.
In the city the problem is whatever local gas stations left have been turned into mini marts that dont do service. The few local shops left will not give you an $38 inspection appointment unless you hand them $150 or get suckered go for a additional "$150 of an oil change& lube" or whatever other bullshit they can make up to create a $250 bill
They don't like the set NY state $38 fee they agreed on to be licensed for inspections.

Anonymous said...

a felony charge for a fake sticker?
you can shoot somebody and get off with a misdemeanor - what is goin on?
this guy must've really pissed the cop off

Anonymous said...

Buy a new car then it will pass,so what if it cost thousands in tax to buy and register,that revenue is meant to keep the voting block happy,
You don't want the voting block Unhappy, Do You.

Anonymous said...

You know that 300 pound chick at DMV who always says your paperwork is wrong and you have to come back,how is she going to get a raise if your cheating her union out of money......NEXT B32.......NEXT C17 AND SO ON.

Anonymous said...

A felony for a fake parking sticker? That has to be a mistake. Probably sloppy reporting. Maybe he had multiple fakes and was the seller? Was he charge with something like interfering with a government operation?

There has to be more to this story. Of course its one and done for today's media. Put out a piece of dog sh*t and let it lay there. Move on to the next steaming pile.

Where is Edward R. Murrow when you need him?

Anonymous said...

The state mandated and managed inspection program is a license to steal for most repair shops/stations.

Anonymous said...

It's not a parking sticker, it's an inspection sticker.

My mechanic has no problem with doing an inspection. Never had one who did. And if you've ever paid 150 for an oil change, wow, you're just not too bright.

Anonymous said...

The pl charge is possesion of a forged instrument ,and yes, it is a felony. Always has been.......same charge if you posess any bogus OR altered nys government issued document.

Anonymous said...

The large dyno smog machine is gone now so the inspection process is more efficient.
The old machine was a big problem for small shops to own and maintain.

Anonymous said...

Problem is the few small shops cant afford to take in a car for $38, especially if your not a "regular" customer or not having any other work done. They must put the car up on the lift (when it not in use) check breaks and joints then bring the car over to the computer, enter data, scan your reg sticker then plug in the ECU code reader into you dashboard port. Its a 25+ minute hassle for a measly $38 especially when they are busy.
The guy who does his own oil changes and work has it the worst. And yes a fake inspection sticker is a forged instrument (a felony) You may as well be counterfeiting money, making or having bump keys & theft tools on your possession. You will be arrested and your car impounded with huge fines, storage & towing and special paperwork to get it out.

Anonymous said...

Give the shops an increase in the inspection fee say to $50 but make it every other year ! Win Win for every one and bust the counterfeiters.

Camel bladder said...

Let get real people. These inspection stations are a business. No business can survive by doing an hour of work for $38. This pricing is just government beurocrat mindless incompetence. Any one who runs a for profit business knows that the inspection fee should be $100to $150. Then we would have safer cars on the road because the inspection stations would be getting paid nearly the correct amount to do a proper inspection. And if the government was doing their job they would crack down on the shops that fuck around with the inspection process and take away their license.

Anonymous said...

Camel bladder, we can't have fees of $100 to $150, because that is "unfair" to our minority and disadvantaged friends from other lands.