Sunday, January 10, 2016

Woman scores eviction against deadbeat ex-cop tenant

From PIX11:

Aida has had to leave her ailing husband and fly up from Miami for court hearing after court hearing trying to get the Bailey’s out. Civil court, housing court, bankruptcy court.

Finally, she has an order telling them to get out. But because the Bailey’s filed for bankruptcy she may not get a penny of the money she says she’s owed.

We’ve been trying to help by getting to the bottom of this.

But you really have to watch the video to see the Bailey’s reaction when we came by. This is what Aida’s had to deal with.

The Bailey’s are supposed to be out by Jan. 15. We’ll see what happens and show you what the home looks like when they presumably depart.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. Just wow. There will be a special place in hell for those two. One can just hope that they didn't destroy the inside of the house. 3/4 MOS? Another scam on the taxpayers obviously.

Anonymous said...

They should have kept this quiet. Now they have 5 days to destroy the place. Typical disgruntled city employee/deadbeat.

Anonymous said...

Seemingly well off absentee landlord+
a who knows why this ex cop and wife who appears to be on speed need to milk the system =
a mess.

Easy money is never easy.

Uh...did this cop have to retire early and for what reason?

Who says that a Queens does not offer exciting entertainment?
This is a reality show clip at its finest, thanks to a former New York's "finest" and his hopped up wife.

Anonymous said...

I pity this poor ex cop who has to deal with this hyper wife.
Somebody give her a Vallium, please.

Anonymous said...

$3,800 a month rent to live on the GCP !
You would have to pay me to live there...

Anonymous said...

'Seemingly well off absentee landlord+ '

Are we going to start this again? Apparently its a crime to rent your house out instead of selling it when you move to Florida.

This blame the victim mentality is disgusting.

This lady and her sick husband worked hard for what they have and a lazy, good for nothing former city employee who has declared bankruptcy multiple times has latched onto her like a parasite. Shame on them. Shame on you for blaming the victim.

Joe Moretti said...

People complain that landlords in NYC are horrible, but just the opposite is true for landlords who have to deal with bad tenants and squatters which can take many months and can be costly to remove low-life folks, like ex-NYPD officer, Winston Bailey and his low-class ghetto family, which that video could be a reality show, called "Keeping up with the Bailey's".

Here are two cases, one in Jamaica Estates involving creep ex-NYPD officer Bailey and the other one in Laurelton, involving ex-con, Darrel Beatty and his thug sons. I have followed the Laurelton case and it is amazing how long this elderly woman had to put up with this bullshit, where a big problem with her issue was the city itself.

Yep, the major culprit in all of this is NYC and the powers that be, which never side for the good folks but squatters, con-artists, inept & crooked politicians, corrupt city agencies and other assorted crap.

(sarc) said...

The Bailey's, a lovely family, agreed to rent the house for a set monthly price.

The Aidi's had the house for rent.

Two private individuals entering and engaging into a legal agreement.

One party chose not to fulfill their part of the agreement FOR TWO YEARS!

Why the comments on the owner? Just because she has a nice home, nice things and an extra house to rent?

Are that many people , so jealous, envious, and bitter because they are to friggin lazy to get off their huge Kardashian asses and make something worthwhile out of their lives?

We have a lot of redistributisinests, socialists, and communists posting here.

It is a fair current market price, if you do not like the price, go to Detroit, I hear there are some great deals there!

If you are renting the ENTIRE house, how can you NOT be an "absentee" landlord?

And it is said that the landlords have too many rights, this nonsense happens every day...

JQ LLC said...

"You are endangering us, I locked up a lot of people, I don't want them to know where I live!!"

But having a personalized license plate obnoxiously bragging about your retirement gift from the taxpayers doesn't expose you enough.

"You're harassing us! You're harassing us!" "She's a slumlord"

Yeah, a modest house with ample parking and a yard, what a slum.

What a couple of two-bit hustlers these lowlifes are. And the laws involving property and propriety ownership have got to be remediated to prevent these types from exploiting them.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were 100 Howard Thompsons. Landlords need someone on their side. GOOD JOB!!

Anonymous said...

Some people still angry she is an absentee landlord?

Maybe she should sell the home and let them put up some huge glass and steel monstrosity!

They would b*tch and moan about that as well!

No one deserves what this lady has been through.

Anonymous said...

"Now they have 5 days"

More like 3 months because they will refuse to leave knowing the landlord will have to go back to the court and get a judge to sign an order of physical 'ejection" by a sheriff with backup. This order then gets on the "cue" with the 100s other "physical ejections" and that happens when the city finds these squatters a shelter (which could take months) before the sheriff can physically remove them.
These squatters know she has to go back to Florida so they will jerk her MORE and destroy the house & plumbing.
The system and landlords rights in this city is absolutely disgusting and the dirtballs know it.

Anonymous said...

Landlords are landlords and most of them are bastards!
She does look well it or not.

Anonymous said...

When you decide to become a landlord you cannot expect just sitting back and collecting your loot without any headaches.
This lady's tenants are clearly manipulating deadbeat hustlers. But this proves that you cannot run any lording is a business...without being close by to drop in occasionally. Absenteeism breeds bad activity on the part of your renters.
They can mail in their checks to you but you cannot mail in your supervision of them all the way from Florida to Jamaica.
It's sad that her husband is ill but that has nothing to do with the fact tha an absentee landlord can be easily screwed, with or without a healthy husband.

Anonymous said...

The old women must be jewish,that's why the Baileys and Bigots are torturing them and getting a free pass,cheating any senior out of what is theirs is okay with liberal demacrats,
Bernie Sanders would love the Baileys.
Demacrats doing what they do best,redistribution of other people's money
I hope someone who Bailey arrested sees this vidio,
Do you honestly think Bailey was a good cop,I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Plate should read 3/4 POS.

Queens Crapper said...

What difference does it make if she dropped in or not? They weren't paying, period.

Joe Moretti said...

Some of you folks on here are assholes. So what if she lives out of state (she might have some maintenance person up here to take care of issues within the place, obviously she probably has someone doing the landscaping). BUT it does not matter, these assholes were not paying rent, period.

Do some of you on here have to be complete assholes 24/7. Stick with the fucking topic. Tenants stiff landlord, period, not your dumb-ass comments that have nothing to do with anything, like the one idiot who said she looks "well off". Again, has nothing to do with the topic. Plus you do not know what kind of set-up she has living out of state.

Anonymous said...

Absentee landlord has nothing to do with this. I know of several two family house owners who live in the house that have gone through the same nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Who on earth would rent to these ghetto rats?

If she turned them down they would have sued for discrimination.

Can't win.

Anonymous said...

How does this guy claim bankruptcy?? He is probably receiving around $ 5500 an month tax free. The police deept should take his gun license living with that crazy wife.what an embarrassment .

Anonymous said...

Joe M. You are the butt hole for still living in Jamaica.
You can never make a silk purse out of that sow's ear. Time for a reality check.
Maybe it's finally time to move.
And I find it hard to sympathize with the landlord class, even though these particular tenants are thieving scum.
I believe I'm sticking to the topic.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if she looks well off. She earned every penny as a noble hard working citizen. These asshole tenants took advantage of them PERIOD!! Justice needs to be done. Hope they get evicted sooner than later so that this brave woman can return to taking care of her dying husband.

rikki said...

when i was a a paralegal doing RE closings i would beg people never be more then 2 hours away if you intend to be an absentee landlord. just for this reason, you may get a very bad tenant.

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that there's more to this story than what Howard is showing? He seems to have a personal investment in showing the tenants in a bad light.

One and two family homes owned by absentee landlords usually have a lot of code violations. Did the landlord provide heat and hot water? Maybe these tenants did a lot of the work that the place needed and had an arrangement with the landlady?

Yes, being a landlord is a business and that's why property owners contract with management companies.

Queens Crapper said...

"Is there any possibility that there's more to this story than what Howard is showing?"

I love when people victim blame. Their asses were tossed out by a judge because the landlady had proof and they didn't. Case closed.

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that there's more to this story than what Howard is showing? He seems to have a personal investment in showing the tenants in a bad light.

Yes, you are a complete moron, that is what is more to the story. What the fuck don't you get. BAD Tenants who did not pay rent in a very nice house in Jamaica estates.


Anonymous said...

The tenants didn't want to be interviewed and they were belligerent when confronted. If they didn't want to discuss their side of things then it's their fault. DONT BLAME HOWARD!!

Anonymous said...

Ex cop and his bitch wife = no shame! Not paying rent, abusing the system and yet has the guts to scream at people! Monsters are understatement for them!

Anonymous said...

I here from my peeps that she is an EX-Cop too !

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story is, "Don't own real estate in NYC unless it is commercial".

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they did little to no real police work........ She probably was one of the light blue jacket brigade. A community affairs pizza server.....

Anonymous said...

True dat!
Commercial real estate is a far safer bet.

Anonymous said...

What a scammer. I bet he left the police force on a disability. He should rot in jail for taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws illegally. He needs to be investigated. If he's scammed the system like this, I bet he did the same when he was a cop.

Anonymous said...

Are these sorry-ass POSs OUT yet???