Monday, January 11, 2016

Meeks occupies mansion illegally

From the Daily News:

Rep. Gregory Meeks has been living in his 6,000-square-foot Queens mansion for nearly a decade — without city authorization.

He never got a required certificate of occupancy for the custom-built Hollis home, finished in late 2006.

A temporary certificate of occupancy, which he needed to get his mortgage, expired Jan. 4, 2007, and was never renewed, city records show.

The home has created controversy for Meeks.

He borrowed $624,000 to buy the $830,000 property and took out a $78,000 line of credit.

Then, in 2007, Meeks got a $40,000 “loan” from businessman Edul Ahmad that he said went to furnishing and other household needs. He made no payments on it and claimed to have lost the loan paperwork.

It was paid only in 2010 after the FBI began probing Ahmad, later indicted in a mortgage-fraud scheme.

The House Ethics Committee opened a probe after Meeks failed to report the loan. It dropped the matter after Ahmad refused to help.

To repay Ahmad, Meeks borrowed $60,000, taking out a mortgage with a company belonging to Democratic donor Dennis Mehiel.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to call the bank and say I lost the mortgage too
Next I'm gonna burn down my office and tell the IRS scratch like AL Sharpton did,then Visa,con ed and so on

Anonymous said...

Tell him you lost voting ballots in his district and watch him scream for an FBI investigation

(sarc) said...

i am sure it is in the Moreland Commission report, oh yea, that got shut down, never mind.

Business as usual...

JQ LLC said...

Good to see this malfeasance case resurface. I remember when Ahmad had his name plastered all over Ozone Park and Richmond Hill and his success still wasn't enough to satiate his greed. I am sure Meeks still has his grubby hands on southeast Queens real estate in addition to place he is currently squatting in.

He's like that loser cop and his crazy wife that got chased by Help me Howard.

Joe Moretti said...

Ah,this corrupt do-nothing (except for themselves) Southeast Queens politicians just continue doing bullshit after bullshit after bullshit, while they do NOTHING for their community that is the ghetto of Queens.

Looks like basically Meeks is squatting at his mansion since he has no city permit for this big old mansion.

And what was his answer when questioned about it, well, the standard "Until recently, I had no idea that there had only been a temporary certificate of occupancy. I will be in touch with the Buildings Department and the architect to bring this into compliance."

My question, when is this very crooked and shady local elected official going to finally see his day. In the meantime him and another questionable Jamaica figure, Rev, Floyd Flake were picked by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz to be part of the Jamaica Now Initiative Plan. So what does that say about Katz? About Queens? About Jamaica? About NYC politics?

Anonymous said...

Another one created from the same mold of politicians that inhabit Washington, Albany, and NYC.

Anonymous said...

Many, many, many single-family (and quite a few two-family) homes lack Certifs of Occ... under NYS law, the responsibility for sign-offs lies with the contractor - who is also responsible for following the approved plans. Getting these buildings legalized is a real challenge, because there have been changes to building code, paperwork is lost, contractors have gone out of business...

Anonymous said...

You aren't expected to pay if you lose the paperwork? Why am I just hearing about that now?

Anonymous said...

this year, he has a primary opponent. you know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Here folks, "Americans can’t wait to get out of these five states":

Moving In – The top inbound states of 2015 were:

South Carolina
North Carolina
District of Columbia

Moving Out – The top outbound states for 2015 were:

New Jersey
New York
West Virginia

***Simply put, Americans are moving from heavily regulated, bureaucratic, high cost-of-living states to more affordable states.***

I guess the local politicians don't really care about any of the above.
As long as money is good, the games are on all is good.

Anonymous said...

oh, am so very very surprised that a black man thinks the laws don't apply to him.

Anonymous said...

I know of a mid-town office tower that ran on a TCO for over 20 years (in 6-month renewal intervals).

Really, its just a record keeping detail, and not much more than that.

Anonymous said...

What do all these states have to do with Gregory Meeks??

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, am so very very surprised that a black man thinks the laws don't apply to him.
And no such thing as a crooked white politician.

Please give me a break, entitled rich white men are the ones who think the law does not apply to them. Still no big players from Wall Street have been arrested after the crash of 2008, all of the players white.

Anonymous said...

Still no big players from Wall Street have been arrested after the crash of 2008, all of the players white.

That is correct. However the politicians getting their marching orders from where?
So corruption is an equal opportunity thingy, color blind, OK, sees only green!

Anonymous said...

What do all these states have to do with Gregory Meeks??

Maybe people are moving out from over regulated states, over regulations because of corrupt politicians.
They see a problem in everything related to daily life and they have solutions by passing crazier and crazier laws, raising taxes to pay for them all while thety are lining their pockets.
Makes sense now?

Anonymous said...

Greed has only one color "Green" !

Anonymous said...

@Joe Moretti

Here is the reason why no big players were arrested in 2008:

Pretty sad. If you and I did this we would be going away for a long time.
If one works at a financial institution of any kind there are strict laws and regulations against the type of activities that the short video presents.
I guess the politicos don't like competition, that's why the rules, regulations are put in the first place. Making sure there is no competition.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Let the roof fall down onto his head.

Anonymous said...

Members of Congress & Senate cashing in on the stock market isn't really something that new. No matter what ethics laws that are passed, they always find a way to do what they want. No president, Republican or Democrat can stop this. only the people can. Rise Up!!

Anonymous said...

We need another populist movement. OCCUPY CAPITAL HILL!!

Anonymous said...

We just need Help Me Howard on his case. I would love to see that confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Another "brother hustler" abusing the system.
And let's not hear any of that "white privilege" bull shit!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

The entrenched system of city and state corruption throughout New York State continues to reward monstrous failure for the exclusionary, political elite, where all 'WRONG' is 'RIGHT,' versus all other draconian consequences against the rank and file, that continue to dictate and enforce a 'RIGHT' is 'WRONG' mantra.

In summary, 'WRONG' is still 'RIGHT' for the ultimate protection of all politically failed leadership who've completely abandoned any pretense of public service and civics (as they hold the system of fair justice, governance and social contract hostage), and 'RIGHT' is still 'WRONG' when lawful constituents continue to be held at the mercy of a system that is rigged for abject fail!

Nothing has changed in Queens County---just like with every other jurisdiction throughout New York City and New York State, as well as the country and beyond!