Monday, January 25, 2016

Katz called out at her own speech

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

At Thursdays “State of the Borough” by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, a reader of my blog who was at the event, wrote a comment “When she (Katz) went on and on, some female voice in the audience cried out “When are you going to mention Jamaica”. Right away, I said, has to be friend and comrade-in-arms, Pamela Hazel, since I knew she was going to be in attendance.

My comrade-in-arms, Jamaica resident and community activist Pamela Hazel, is a force to reckon with when it comes to elected officials ignoring and not addressing Jamaica’s quality of life issues, I should know, I have worked with her on several issues over the years. Now Queens Borough President, Melinda Katz, felt that force on Thursday, January 21st at her bullshit “State of the Borough” address, where Ms. Hazel interrupted Katz’s bullshit and hollow speech on Queens, not once but two times on her ignoring Jamaica’s issues.

Considering that the audience was filled with Katz's lackeys and assorted asshole elected officials, here was a fresh dose of reality thrown at Katz and the audience. I am sure she had no idea what hit her since she was expecting accolades from many of the assholes in attendance.

And then there's this tidbit:
"See the guy in the blue jacket with the official Borough President notice to Pamela’s left? That’s Bruce Adler who also doubles as the photographer for the Queens Tribune, Nussbaum’s rag. Seems to me a conflict of interest here, no? Working for a politician and then reporting on them? Visual proof that one hand in Queens washes the other." - George the Atheist


Anonymous said...

Queens' borough presidents are only in their job to collect lucrative campaign contributions from developers, and favors under the table.
They do not give a damn about their constituency. How much does Katz's borough hall photographer get to make her look good...$80,00 a year?
We pay for that too.

Anonymous said...

What is the point?

1. Unless something is just off the subway network, it is not convenient to get to.
2. We can read in the Queens weeklies (frequently) the same talking points.
3. they really made an effort to get the public to attend - which failed of course. So how much pay was wasted on civil servants to dress up the audience?

Anonymous said...

I wish there were more passionate people like Pamela, who's community motivation is genuine.

ron s said...

Smiling jerks in front of a fake screen-kind of says it all....

Ansel Adams said...

So who is it?

Marshall's official fotog was Tontinino who made $80G's a year to promote her face doing things. Is Adler Katz's official fotog? (He looks it with that jacket on with that wording.) Is Adler making $80G's? What's Nussbaum at the Tribune paying him?. Haven't seen Tontino's credit any more nor him out on the street. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

But we Craperoos will eventually get to the bottom of things. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

People should continue to call her out. In the next couple of weeks she'll be doing more public speaking due to the primaries. Give her an earful !!

(sarc) said...

"Considering that the audience was filled with Katz's lackeys and assorted asshole elected officials..."

So if Queens Borough President Melinda Katz is bloviating and just a bunch of useless local politicians are sitting there nodding there heads and clapping, is anyone really listening?

In the immortal words of the Madame Secretary of State, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton:
"what difference does it make???"

JQ LLC said...

It looks like Katz and her minions were going to use Ms. Hazel for a photo op. Way to go Pamela, let's hope it's contagious.

And it looks like The Queens Steamer and her devoted sheep neglected to post the speech online, even on their home page. With all that she and them think they accomplished, why not share her bogus claims with the rest of the world. Since, according to Katz and Lonely Planet, the world is clamoring to visit it so much.

Anonymous said...

She is so delusional. Always said there is something wrong with the way she thinks. Very odd . Why hasn't she spoke out against plans to build on Newtown track and field? This cannot be "good for families and good for Queens".

Anonymous said...

Everything else aside, photographers get paid such a pittance for their skills and talents that it's impossible to survive on a single photography job. I doubt this guy gets $80,000 a year to take pics for the beep.