Sunday, January 24, 2016

DeBlasio realizes he left Queens buried in snow

From PIX11:

Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged at a news conference Sunday morning that more needs to be done — and fast — to dig out the borough of Queens, where large swaths of road are still buried in snow from the historic blizzard.

De Blasio, who visited Queens Sunday morning, said the goal is to have streets cleared by Monday morning in time for the commute and the rolling of buses in a borough where they are so important. Schools will be open.

"Queens is a very big borough," and each storm is different, the mayor said, but what is being done differently this time is a new "agile strategy" to respond to problems in Queens, where 850 plows are now at work.

De Blasio said resources are being funneled from Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn into Queens, where residents have been complaining about lagging cleanup efforts. Queens has historically posed a challenge to the Sanitation Department and City Hall after major snowstorms, and famously hurt Mayor John V. Lindsay's reputation in 1969 and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's in 2010.

Queens saw more snow than any other borough in this weekend's storm, with Kennedy Airport getting more than 30 inches. Queens also has more roads to clear than any other borough.


Anonymous said...

Because DiBlasio is a Class A dumba@@. How can he keep schools open when people can't even get off their porches? And if you clear a space, someone else will be in it when you get home. I doubt there will even be 30% of kids making it to school, let alone teachers. He really is certifiable as a total dumba@@.

Anonymous said...

What is it about queens that DiBlasios hates us.

Anonymous said...

Rogue motorists, threats of arrest and lack up cleanup.
Thanks DeBozo. You are truly one in the million.
The other one is the mini dictator Bozoberg who preferred sunny islands to NYC winter storms.

Joe said...

Little Neck You run into a wall 6 feet high from Nassau Blvd (the border) west. They are sealed in like a can of mixed nuts. Only the city bus turn around appears to have has seen a plow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lip service is the most we can expect from the mayor.

Which, admittedly, is more than we normally get.

Anonymous said...

here we go again another Mayor Lindsey it was bad enough we had a horrible sanitation commissioner under Bloomberg now we have a worse one under this new mayor -- I pray heads are going to roll on this -- this one has to go too -- why only send trucks to manhattan brooklyn and the bronx

Anonymous said...

and where are all of the queens counselmen/women regarding this situation -- nobody is saying NOTHING at all -

JQ LLC said...

I knew that was woodhaven when I saw it. If you look in the background you can see forest park.

It's quite retarded that when the sanitation plows come they do the avenues but blow off the streets.

Southeast Queens is the leper colony of the borough. Nice of Mayor Big Slow and PIX to notice.

Lucky it got warm out.

(sarc) said...


Ms. Tsouris said...

Our council people should be stepping up for us, but they don't appear to realize it's their job.

Anonymous said...

What a dick

Anonymous said...

The mayor is too busy patting himself on the back to notice Queens.

Anonymous said...

Sanitation isn't doing anything here in college point at all. They drive up and down college Point Blvd with their plows up and refuse to go down any of the covered side blocks. This is ridiculous. If this happened in Manhattan all hell would be breaking loose now.

Anonymous said...

If the sanitation trucks were out and doing their jobs when the snow started they would be able to get down the blocks now there is so much snow that they are even getting stuck - GREAT JOB IDIOT - commend them some more for their fantastic work

On Friday there wasn't even garbage pick up so they could get ready ready for what to sit and watch the snow fall

Anonymous said...

"Agile strategy"
What the fuck is an Agile strategy. Does this guy have an staff member whose paid just to dream these terms up?

Anonymous said...

Sanitation plows keep riding up and down Northern Blvd with nothing to plow but won't turn down a side street unless it has a school. Saw cars on Northern Blvd this afternoon in Auburndale but no one who lives here could reach Northern as none of our street have been plowed.

Anonymous said...

tertiary street in fresh meadows,still no plow

Joe Moretti said...

"Queens has historically posed a challenge to the Sanitation Department and City Hall after major snowstorms"

WRONG, Queens has historically gotten screwed by City Hall PERIOD and having asshole Queens Borough Bitches and asshole city council members just adds icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...


(sarc) said...

As soon as the snowplow makes it down the street, all the self centered car owners are out there cleaning out their precious little unaffordable cars.

It is interesting to watch how they carefully take shovel full after shovel full ACROSS THE STREET, looking around constantly as if they will avoid detection of their deeds.

Then there are some homeowners who think that the ENTIRE SIDEWALK and DRIVEWAY must be free of any and all flakes, from the house to the curb.
It ALL goes into the street.

Within the hour the street is again entirely impassible, now with packed down, dense snow.

Now that their car and sidewalks are all cleaned off and polished, they cannot go anywhere because everyone filled the streets with snow again, the street is impassible, and no one wants to lose their parking spot.

Then there are those who claim it is their duty to have the car ready to transport them to work. However, their compact race car with racing slicks, that cannot make it over a speed hump, will never be able to even get out of the parking spot.

The plow returns, those parked on the right side are again have their cars buried, and the process starts again...

Anonymous said...

In Bayside there were no sanitation plows at allWe got a few pickup trucks with a plow attached to the front. Horrible. Made a narrow path pushing more snow in everyones driveway. No salt and now if a plow comes ecerything is just rock hard ice monds. Who hired a private small pickup truck to plow

Anonymous said...

Anyone see any bicyclists today?

One of the reasons that bikes were considered obsolete, oh lets say 100 years ago.

Let just say that life is not a series of spring mornings.

Mayor Blaz said...

Dear Queens,
Everything will be up and running in the real world tomorrow, just stay off the roads. Dust off your brooms and magic carpets and report to your daily obligations bright eyed and bushy tailed. This is the city that doesn't sleep, unless you're from Queens. Sans is definitely sleeping on that borough to make sure every snowflake is gone in mine.

Love always,
DeBlasio :)

Anonymous said...

Plowing only moves snow from one place to another. Other then compressing the snow a bit, it's a zero sum game.
What needs to happen is melt the snow and get it into the sewers.
Use salt. Or as we did in the 50s/60s plow into open manhole covers.
Homeowners should put black garbage bags over big mounds. The sun will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

DeBozo make sure at least the bike lanes are plowed, so we can all go to work in the morning.
This is what happens when people elect socialist, communist leaders.
They issue orders, decrees, threaten people with arrest, so they can clean the streets, so they say.
They did shit. Just regular grandstanding!
Daily News even mentioned something about children building illegal snowmen.
I didn't know snowmen had to be licensed to become legal.
But nothing surprises me in this Banana Republic.
Here are my questions:

Where the fuck is my tax money going?
Payroll, house, gas, sales, tolls - where is it going?
There should be a massive lawsuit to open up the books.
Especially after the 2 outstanding citizens in Albany are looking at spending time at the federal crowbar hotel.

(sarc) said...

"Anyone see any bicyclists today?
One of the reasons that bikes were considered obsolete, oh lets say 100 years ago.
Let just say that life is not a series of spring mornings."

It is if you are a trust fund hipster...

Anonymous said...

Can someone give our Mayor an IQ test? #brains4nyc

Anonymous said...

```Ms. Tsouris said...
```Our council people should be stepping up for us, but they don't appear to realize it's their job.

Councilmember Eric Ulrich told 1010 WINS that schools should not open tomorrow because Queens streets have not been plowed.

Looks like CM Ulrich is the only one with balls to stand up to de Blasio.

Where are Daniel Dromm and Jimmy Van Bramer?

Bayside Balabusta said...

I have to give DeBlasio credit; at least he's in town, not quietly tripping off to Bermuda like Bloomberg did. I heard that parts of Bay Terrace weren't plowed as of yesterday afternoon. And where was Vallone? He's another just another entitled narcissistic so-called representative. We've barely heard a peep from him. Good for Eric Ulrich, one of the few really good ones!!

Anonymous said...

I have to give DeBlasio credit; at least he's in town,

So is my cat. Like DeBozo he cannot handle snow removal either.