Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A different Hallet's Point perspective

From DNA Info:

City officials celebrated the start of construction on the Hallets Point project Thursday, hailing the future development as a means of transforming the isolated Astoria waterfront.

The development, to be built by The Durst Organization and Lincoln Equities, will bring 2,400 new apartments to the Hallets peninsula, a parcel of land on the East River south of Astoria Park that officials describe as largely cut off from the rest of the neighborhood.

The area is home to the Astoria Houses but is otherwise mainly industrial, lacking in retail options and — with the exception of a baseball field — public green space.

"A community that’s not only underutilized, but a locked waterfront," City Councilman Costa Constantinides said. "This project changes the entire paradigm here."

It certainly does.


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This is prime waterfront. Fugghettabout it!

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Asstoria.2400 more family's working,contributing and paying tax,
Just kidding,

JQ LLC said...

7 years until completion, what will be the area/aggregate median rent be?

150,000 have already applied

Anonymous said...

NYC is still great....changed...but great.
Move to Detroit to see what real shit is!
Complain about your lousy quality of life and emigrate to Syria.
It's a lot better there, huh?