Thursday, January 28, 2016

DeBlasio grilled over lack of tax cap

From Crains:

Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Albany Tuesday to ask state legislators to fund housing and homelessness programs. Instead, he faced intense questioning about the city's tax policy and why the state's 2% annual property-tax cap does not apply in the five boroughs, The New York Times reported.

The mayor pushed back against repeated suggestions that the city adopt the cap, insisting that the Big Apple's situation was unique and that the city funds services that others in the state do not.


Anonymous said...

The city's position is unique. NYC drives most of the NYS economy with its taxpayers, yet they are not protected by a 2% cap.

Strangling the golden goose! Comrade duhBlazio and his cohorts will bleed NYC dry to pay for their income redistribution and vote buying schemes.

Anonymous said...

Paul Harrison The Tax Man says it all.

Big Hit Man,da poet rapper said...

Iz sez cap de lawyerz dat run da fuckin' city!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the billionaires in their $5million dollar penthouses might need to pay their fair share! Oh, the horror!

Really, of all the actual problems the city is facing under this incompetent, and that's what they focus on?

JQ LLC said...

Reading the Times article gives the impression that the Blaz was just cringing being bombarded with questions regarding his corrupt affordable housing and developer luxury welfare plan. And stewing at the fact that he couldn't control the narrative like he does at his press conferences when he chides and insults reporters like the unsinkable Marcia Kramer for not staying on (his and the agenda's) topics,

Fun Fact : Mayor Faust for Predator Developers plan is worse than Fun size Bloomberg's plan to devote decent apts for the poor and the wage and income stagnant

Anonymous said...

Duh Blaz is clueless, on REBNY's tab, and over medicated with antidepressants.
Some mayor you all elected. At least we did not get that shrill Christine Quinn.