Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year, new building rules

From the Queens Chronicle:

A revision of the New York City building codes sent dozens of architects scurrying to file applications with the Department of Buildings just before the new regulations went into effect New Year’s Eve.

In order to have permits and other construction plans reviewed under the 2008 Construction Codes, developers had to send in their applications by Dec. 30, with all filings submitted on or after Dec. 31 being scrutinized under the 2014 iteration of the city’s regulations.

Hundreds of architects from across the city flooded the DOB with filings in the days leading up to the changeover, with many of the applications in Queens involving the construction and/or demolition of smaller structures, between one and four stories high.

The change in building codes comes eight years after the previous edition was enacted, with many of the alterations having to do with safety inspections and standards, reorganizing and rearranging passages and new technology,

Requirements in the new codes include the installation of temporary fire hydrants near large construction sites, professionally designed monitoring plans for excavation work, and the banning of scaffolding work in sustained winds 30 mph or stronger.

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Anonymous said...

But the same old DOB crooks are running the show. Maybe there will be a new rate of higher bribes for building inspectors.