Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chop, chop!

From the Queens Courier:

“X” marks the spot to chop.

The Parks Department has come into Howard Beach for a second round of tree removal.

This is a continuation of the previous tree removal process that took place in September. All Sandy-stricken trees that the Parks Department feels are too far gone and not likely to survive will be cut down and replaced, according to the agency. There is still not an exact number for how many trees will be cut as the agency is still surveying the area.

“The trees marked with an ‘X’ are indeed part of the Sandy removal and replacement efforts, and are scheduled to be removed and replaced over the next year,” a Parks spokeswomen said. “The total number of trees is still evolving and continues to do so as we mark additional trees.”

The Parks Department is still in the process of replanting the ones they took down in September.


Anonymous said...

Those Mafiosi goombahs hate any vegetation taller than their backyard tomato plants.

Anonymous said...

this is bullshit. the trees need care taking and time to thrive.

Anonymous said...

The owner will be long gone from this earth by the time that tree reaches full maturity and causes any problems. Say about 40-50 years.