Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Melissa is up to something

From Crains:

When Melissa Mark-Viverito was raising money for her successful City Council speaker bid in late 2013, she voluntarily imposed a donation cap for contributions: $3,850. That is the limit for politicians seeking the office of borough president in New York City. Yet in recent months, Ms. Mark-Viverito has begun accepting up to $4,950, the maximum amount for a run for citywide office.

A source with knowledge of Ms. Mark-Viverito's fundraising, however, said her recent acceptance of the larger contributions should not be taken as an indication she is eyeing a citywide race. In fact, according to the source, Ms. Mark-Viverito had previously eschewed $4,950 donations because she wanted to signal that she was not seeking to run for mayor, comptroller or public advocate in 2017, but now feels comfortable that that has become clear.


Anonymous said...

The only politician in NYC worse than deBlas.

Anonymous said...

I think she's going to run for congress

Anonymous said...

If she does run for Congress, there's enough NITWITS out there to vote her in. Stupid people do very stupid things!!