Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rockaway gas pipeline almost complete

From Rockaway Times:

The Rockaway Lateral Transco Pipeline Project, running from the Atlantic Ocean, through Riis Park, and up Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, is expected to be complete by March 2015.

“We have been working nearly around the clock and remain on schedule to place the project into service by the end of the first quarter 2015,” Williams spokesperson Chris Stockton said. The Rockaway Lateral Project began construction on June 9, 2014. The project includes one mile of horizontal directional-drilled pipeline and 2.2 miles of conventionally laid 26” pipeline connected to an existing Transco pipeline in the Atlantic Ocean. National Grid’s portion of the project, the Brooklyn Queens Interconnect Project, which is complete, will connect with the Transco project. Together, the pipeline projects will bring additional natural gas into Rockaway, Brooklyn and other parts of Queens.

Williams, the company behind the Transco pipeline, has a Rockaway Community Grants program “to benefit the environment and local communities within the NYC areas affected by Williams’ Rockaway Lateral project.” The company awards grants of up to $15,000 per funding cycle for each program. In October 2014, 13 organizations received grants, totaling $115,000. Some groups included the Rockaway Point Volunteer Emergency Services, the Breezy Point Cooperative, the Broad Channel Historical Society for the Collection Preservation project, Beautify Rockaway Beach, the Roxbury Volunteer Firehouse, the Rockaway Youth Task Force and more.


Anonymous said...

'Rockaway Community Grants Program'? Call it what is is, payoffs to the rabble to keep the NIMBY crowds away from the construction sites.

Typical New York, you can do anything if you grease the skids with greenbacks.

Where will all of these groups be when the Rockaways are on fire from a gas leak?

Anonymous said...

The civics in NYC as well as those community groups actually run by the community

(as opposed to fictions that sound like "New Yorkers for Expanding Universities & Tech Centers" or "Citizens for Brownfield Housing and Development")

are being systematically starved in NYC by the politicians

to make communities pliable to the desires of campaign donors - developers, pipelines, as some examples ..

JQ said...

this is going to be disastrous,if this job was done half-assed.this could be akin to the deepwater horizon and the gulf has still not recovered from that,and never will because of the dispersants that were used and are still there.

instead of oil gushing a mile a minute it will be leaking radon.

and to think there have been constant whale sightings around there and reports that the water has been the cleanest in breezy in years.

way to sell out friends of the rockaway.I guess since sandy you need all the money you can get to restore the town and beaches.And that dragging boardwalk renovation,which should have been done in 4 months but those jetson lifeguard stations had to be built first of course.Also to foster the myth of the lonely planet feature.

of course,as in gowanus,newton creek and irving ave( ,the hipsters don't seem to mind living near toxicity as the rents in rockaway have gone up second to ridgewood.

the rockaway I've known for 30 years is dying slowly and this pipeline is like a cancer in remission.good luck

Jerry Rotondi said...

Run it to borough hall. There is plenty of natural gas there.