Monday, January 26, 2015

Eviction notices "for demolition" issued at the LIC clock tower

From WPIX:

The building has been along Queens Plaza North since 1927.

The subway grew around it. Now buildings rise around it, more tall everyday.

Tenants are receiving eviction notices.

No formal plans have been filed with the NYC Department of Buildings. Last year, neighbors requested the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission consider the location.

It is under active review. It needs to be “calendared” before any protection is put in place.

The development company listed as the owner did not respond to questions about plans for the building and the lot.


Anonymous said...

What businesses are in there ?

JQ said...

what businesses won't be there?

what's left of the character of NY certainly won't be there.

the blade runner tower development is literally devouring that clock tower.this area won't be that distinctive than qatar or the U.A.E.

Anonymous said...

Cut off the top of the clock tower and incorporate it in a new building or see it go. The rest of the plaza is being built to the max. This will not survive. I like it but is it landmark worthy?

Anonymous said...

It ain't Big Ben. Get over it. It is going, going....bong...the last chime.