Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jamaica getting affordable housing...and big box stores

From the Queens Courier:

Developers of a plan to transform two parallel open-air parking lots in Jamaica into a massive retail center will also add a housing component to the mix, The Courier has learned.

The project, which has been expanded since an initial announcement in 2013, is a joint effort between the owner of the parking lots near 168th Street and 90th Avenue, the nonprofit Greater Jamaica Development Corp. (GJDC), and Blumenfeld Development Group (BDG).

The GJDC will transfer the lots to Blumenfeld, which will construct a 265,000-square-foot retail center, an affordable housing residential building and a parking garage with about 550 spots to replace the lost parking in the deal. Blumenfeld will return the garage to the not-for-profit agency after completion of the project, according to representatives of the developer. The project is estimated to cost $85 million at this point.

The second parking lot, between 168th Street and 169th Street, will have a retail component to complement the shopping center across the street as well as the residential building and the parking garage.

Blumenfeld has already spoken to a number of big-box retailers to be the anchor tenant of the project, representatives said, including BJ’s, Costco and Burlington Coat Factory.


Anonymous said...

Bring in the mega box stores. Keep showing no mercy for the small mom and pop business owners. For shame!

Anonymous said...

Since all of the Queens Public Library's vehicles take up almost all of the metered parking spots on 90th Avenue, and sometimes on 89th and Merrick as well - and can anyone explain why they have official plates and therefore don't get parking tickets, if they're a private corporation? - people who work for the library and people who use/visit the library must use the more expensive parking lots. If the lots close for construction, or if the total number of parking spots is reduced, it will be a problem for both employees and library users, who will be competing with shoppers of the big box stores, in addition to the NYPD vehicles that park there. Now that Galante and his cronies are out, morale at the library had been steadily improving.

JQ said...

I might be misinformed about the owners of stores in Jamaica,but the mom and pops have been replaced by the sultans of $0.99

Joe Moretti said...

There are no mom and pops stores in that area, have not bee for a long time, just shit dollar stores, beauty supply places and third world dreck.

But this does not seem to have had a whole lot of smart planning, I mean it is already crowded as far as parking spaces and what about vehicle travel, these streets in Jamaica are not made to handle all this traffic, especially 168th, which is also a truck route.

Is there any type of true urban planning that goes on at all or is it just stick shit up and deal with it later.

Anonymous said...

As Joe Moretti pointed out, the traffic in that area is a disaster - and it's not just trucks. Remember that the 165th Street bus terminal is right there, and a few buses even take 90th Avenue and 168th Street to start their route.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe, you gonna buy a table for the Carlisle Towery tribute?

Anonymous said...

Now more than ever Broadway Flushing should get land marked.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica....except for the a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Broadway will never see a landmark district as long as Mary Beth Betts is director of research at the LPC.
"Broadway does not meet our criteria " REJECTED!
"Far too altered".