Saturday, January 17, 2015

What did the poor tree do to them?

From Edge of the City:

A reader sent in this photo a few weeks ago. It really is an outrage. He explains below:

The construction site at [click this, it's a doozy - QC] 71-57 Austin Street in Forest Hills already has numerous DOB violations and now the contractor has just poured cement into the two sidewalk tree pits in front of the property. The fate of the trees has literally been sealed. We strive so hard to protect our street trees. When I see this, I get really upset. I can't understand why contractors continuously do this throughout our borough.


Anonymous said...

Contractor has since removed the cement from both trees and installed safety fencing and mulch. He was fined by Parks Dept and DOB . If anyone witnesses something like this taking place anywhere in Queens, call 311 immediately . It may help to submit an email to Parks Commissioner via website to expedite action.

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands of dollars in penalties and 2 major lawsuits, including one for pedestrian falling and sustaining major injuries . The owner literally demolished the entire building without a permit! How the hell did he think he was going to get away with this?

Anonymous said...

I hope the trees are rescued and the developers arrested!!!

FH used to be such a classy area. With the death of the educated, WW II Jewish emigrees and the influx of the "Vibrant and Diverse", FH's fate is also sealed. It's so over!

Anonymous said...

Property being "developed" by ACHS Management.

I am glad to hear that Forestry has acted quickly on this!

Joe Moretti said...

This is total flagrant bullshit that one would expect in Jamaica not Melinda Katz's Forest Hills.

I mean why was this whole construction allowed to take place and all the bullshit for so long.

That is the bigger question here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Parks Department and the DOB for saving this tree.

Anonymous said...

We went through the same thing at our apt. building. The negligent owner had the tree pits cemented over as part of a long-overdue sidewalk renovation (DOT lien for nonexistent sidewalk). Queens Crap published a piece on trees at this property:
Rego-Forest Preservation contacted elected officials and Forestry showed up with their cameras and summonses. Landlord got a big fine and had to open up the pits. It is definitely illegal to do this to a city tree. But Parks sometimes needs a nudge because their budget's been cut. Fewer inspectors. Don't hesitate to contact elected officials if 311 complaints get closed out with no indication that the condition was actually inspected. Amazing how somebody shows up all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

It happens because most construction contractors are greedy and dirty and don't give a dam about the environment, they just want to make money quick and usually the scam you here and there, even the honest ones aren't that honest.
Just live next to one of them and you'll see all the construction leftovers they store in their property making that side of the street not too at par with the rest of the houses.

Anonymous said...

Cops can issue dept of buildings/ administrative code summonswe. I did this often for illegal crb cuts and no lighting on multi dwellings. But then again that's when we had the manpower and i could actually do something for the community.