Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Settlement calls for squatter to leave house

From the Daily News:

The cab driver allegedly squatting in a Bronx woman’s building must find a new home, according to a deal the two parties hashed out at Bronx Housing Court on Monday.

Clark Eli-Selassie, who has been staying at the Kingsbridge home owned by Maria Diaz since at least May, has until March 26 to move out, the settlement mandates.

Diaz, 62, who had been locked out of the dilapidated Sedgwick Ave. building, now has the new key and can enter the second floor, basement and attic, according to the court ruling.


Anonymous said...

Why does there have to be a deal? She owned the home. He was trespassing. Why wasn't he escorted out and arrested?

Try doing that in a nice neighborhood and see what happens.

This kind of BS makes NYC into the dump it has become.

Anonymous said...

That's highly selassie of him.

Anonymous said...

Why does there have to be a deal?

Because the rights of property owners have been eroded away for generations now.

The founding fathers are spinning in their graves.