Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silver gone as speaker by Monday

From CBS News:

Embattled New York State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver has agreed to step down by Monday of next week, in the wake of federal corruption charges.

As CBS2’s Jessica Schneider reported, Democratic leaders met for two days, and finally decided Tuesday night to force the powerful assembly speaker to step down.

“I don’t know what decision my colleagues made,” Silver said. “I made a decision that I will not hinder this process.”

Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle (D-Rochester) announced the move Tuesday. Morelle will serve as acting speaker until a new one is elected by Feb. 10.

Sources told CBS2 Silver will step down from the speaker post, but will remain a member of the Assembly.

As majority leader, the No. 2 post in the chamber, Morelle will be the interim speaker from the moment Silver resigns until the lawmakers formally convene again Monday. At that point, they plan to amend their rules to keep him as interim speaker until Feb. 10. That’s intended to give any other member a chance to express interest and explain how he or she would lead, said Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti.


Anonymous said...

Diversity baby!

Anonymous said...

Gone by Monday... Not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

That Cathy Nolan is being seriously considered tells you that Albany views this as a bump in the road that you will forget by Superbowl Sunday.

And they are probably right.

Anonymous said...

The trail leads all the way up to Cuomo. The guv is a crook too!

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Anonymous said...

string him up!!!

Anonymous said...

used to be a silver became junk metal now.