Friday, January 30, 2015

Hotel or homeless shelter?

From the Daily News:

A developer's plan to build a towering hotel in a rundown section of Far Rockaway has leaders on the Queens peninsula scratching their heads.

“We are a beach community, and I am interested in people coming here,” said City Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Queens). “But I’m anxious to find out what this proposal is about.”

The proposed nine-story building at Foam Place would loom high above other structures in the low-rise Mott Ave. commercial district, officials said.

Rockaway has a large number of halfway houses, drug rehab centers, nursing homes and homeless shelters. Officials worry a failed hotel could turn into another homeless shelter.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see that data on what the previous functions were for all buildings which are now homeless shelters in Queens.

Hotels generally get built were there's evidence of a unmet demand for hotel rooms. Is this the case in Far Rockaway?

Anonymous said...

Why not build affordable housing instead of darn hotels/homeless shelters. NYC is becoming a big pile of crap.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want to get a hotel room at the Far Rock Shopping Center. Great view of the Redfern Projects, run down stores on central Avenue, but a long and dangerous walk to the beach.

Anonymous said...

We need hospitals in Far Rockaway, NOT HOTELS. People wake up.

JQ said...

we sure need hospitals,but I don't think all these city planners and predator developers think people will ever get sick or injured.

Anonymous said...

am afraid to go there. more thugs on drugs? please tear down all NYCHA buildings in Far Rockaway and get rid of all the section 8 tenants, they are turning Rockaway into a garbage pail.

homeless? quite spending your cash on crack and heroin.

Anonymous said...

Rockaway is dead. This remote outpost of Queens will never come back.