Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AirBnB has become an even bigger problem

From Crains:

The number of New York-based apartments listed on Airbnb in 2014 that would be illegal rentals grew by 2,300 from the previous year, representing 60% of the total number of units in the five boroughs listed on the site, according to data compiled by Tom Slee, a writer who runs a data technology site. Mr. Slee's data was provided by Share Better, an anti-Airbnb lobbying group, although a spokesman said Mr. Slee was not paid for his work.

The analysis flagged Airbnb listings that showed an entire apartment available. Rooms, not whole apartments, can be rented out under New York state law, as long as the apartment is occupied during the guest's stay.

The number of units being rented by people listing two or more apartments grew by 700 units, according to Mr. Slee's data. Approximately 30% of Airbnb’s inventory in New York City is listed by users who are illegally renting out multiple residential units, including 207 users renting out five or more units.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the dumblasio years!!

Anonymous said...

Shut this disgusting, dangerous site down! Who needs transients in their building?

Why should (extremely lucky) rent-stabilized tenants be making their entire rent in a few nights?

Why should co-op owners have to share their building with strangers when they were seriously vetted prior to purchase?

We have an illegal hotel around the corner from me - hordes of Asians arrive late at night several times a week - we didn't choose to buy a home next to a hotel - and it's run by renters!!! Who gets the income - the renters or the owners?

Anonymous said...

When you have all the government-created distortions of the rental market that New York City has with rent control, rent stabilization, and rent subsidy, you have to expect that people are going to game it to collect the price spread between their non-market rent and what they can obtain from a negotiated market rent.

The city just wants its cut.

Anonymous said...

This goes back to the Bloombergian era.

Anonymous said...

Umm, where is your city councilman on this issue?

God knows they show up for a photo op and a few pointless 'fitting' remarks for local consumption.

Aren't the 'proud' to 'stand beside' those that want strong healthy communities on this issue?

Missing Foundation said...

When you have all the government-created distortions of the rental market that New York City has with rent control, rent stabilization, and rent subsidy

That stuff is one of the last opportunities for creative but poorly paid residents (as opposed to Russian plutocrat daughters.)

Should we continue the myth that NYC is home to creativity or its just a playground for the rich?

The market is distorted by tax breaks to developers, and lack of building and immigration enforcement.

JQ said...

airbnb is a menace to society,same for uber,which recently was used in a robbery for some scumbag.

think also of what a so called lone wolf terrorist might use to plan his or her attack,and where they might dwell.renting a apt. from some schmuck or some fraudulent host might make it easier.

stringer better stop these fuckers.since they are threat to the hotels and the people that work there.

Anonymous said...

Let me reiterate, it's all about the money.

The city just wants a direct cash payment from Airbnb whenever Airbnb or the landlord/lessor gets the money from the renter/guest.

This concern over safety is just a cover.