Saturday, January 17, 2015

T building will basically become a homeless shelter

From the Queens Courier:

A development company has signed a 99-year lease with the city to turn the historic T-Building into a 205-unit apartment building that will include housing for patients at a nearby hospital, many of whom are homeless.

“These are people that literally cannot leave the hospital because there is not appropriate housing to discharge them to,” said Michael Dunn, president of Dunn Development Corp, the company that received the lease from the city.

Speaking at a meeting with Community Board 8 members on Wednesday, Dunn continued, “The idea is to serve people whose housing instability or lack of housing impacts their health.”

Dunn Development Corp. signed a 99-year lease with the city to develop the T-Building on Queens Hospital Center’s campus into 205 apartments. As part of the deal, Dunn will not destroy the old Hillcrest tuberculosis center, but the company will embark on a major $12 million renovation to turn the former medical building into apartments.


Anonymous said...

What a pity - this is such a interesting building (from an architectural perspective)- now it will be neglected and ultimately destroyed.

Why give anyone a 99-year lease - why not just 20 and then re-evaluate?

Anonymous said...

"Many of these people visit the emergency room frequently or use the system’s substance abuse services."

In a couple of years one will stroll through the lobby and see druggies nodding out on the floor, pissing in elevators, begging for money, mugging tenants and waiting for their drug dealers.
Who'd ever want to reside near this future drug den.

Had Enough in Elmhurst said...

Makes me nostalgic for the days of the Leben Home for Adults in Elmhurst.

Good times....