Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ridgewood rents raised more than elsewhere

From the Queens Courier:

Rents in Ridgewood last year nearly doubled since 2009, according to data compiled by real estate website at the request of The Courier, as more luxury rental buildings moved down the L and M train lines from Bushwick and Williamsburg.

The data finds the median price of rents in Ridgewood last year increased to $2,182 from $1,340 in 2009, good for first place in rents charged in Queens. Even when comparing year-to-date numbers between last year and 2013, Ridgewood experienced median rent increases of more than $382, while Astoria saw only a $50 increase and Long Island City actually had a decline.


Anonymous said...

Nyc is getting way out of hand with these rent prices. They are even having a hard time renting out apartments in those newly developed buildings in lic so what makes these people think that they will get this type of money to live in Ridgewood?

Anonymous said...

And Ridgewood will be the first market to crash when the economic slowdown hits.

Anonymous said...

Many of the renters in Ridgewood, Glendale, and Greenpoint are newcomers from Eastern Europe. They get government assistance for everything from rent and food, to health and transportation. But nobody says or does anything about it. Where is the NYS Attorney General???

Anonymous said...

Oh Ridgewood is soooooo cool. Close to Bushwick, the 'El" train, and all the great amenities.

One morning all the hipsters will wake up from their "Cool" high and realize they are living in the land of nothing with a "Cool" hangover.

Anonymous said...

They only want the Rich in NY.

JQ said...

these douches contribute nothing to the towns they "save",here's the latest article proving that,with links>>>

the day of reckoning is coming for the hipsters and unfortunately all the towns that they are infecting no thanks to demographic hounding realtors and the v.d.(vibrant.diverse) afflicted electeds that ignore the taxpaying workers and the desperate underclass on welfare that they are suppose to represent and help.

of course these cretins choose to live near where the trains are,it may explain to rise in rockaway too,I assume the majority of these creative illenial pricks are living in averne where I'm sure they don't like waiting for the s train and prefer a straight ride

their credo:
"give me convenience or give me death"

Anonymous said...

Are they legal rents?