Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DEP: No money for storm drain

From NBC:

A portion of 148th Avenue in Rosedale lacks a storm drain, leading to flooding even when there isn't a lot of rainfall, according to residents. Checkey Beckford reports.

And the Courier has other crappy DEP news:

Despite recent attempts by the Department of Environmental Protection to fix a sinking section of a Lindenwood street, the pavement at the corner of 79th Street and 157th Avenue has again sunk by as much as a foot.

The corner is totally unusable to cars, and residents worry about pedestrians walking there and vehicles possibly getting stuck in the dip.

“The hole has gotten worse than ever since they came in to fix it,” said Joe Thompson, a Lindenwood resident and president of the Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol. “We visited the hole this week and saw a large puddle completely frozen over. What if someone slips into that because the water can’t drain correctly, or what if a car makes too fast of a turn around the corner not realizing the hole [is there]? It’s dangerous.”

The DEP came in October to work on the street after The Courier first reported on the situation. They did extensive work on the infrastructure of the pipes below ground. This included fixing the connection of the catch basin and sewer at the location. They also inspected the adjacent ground water and sewer infrastructure and found everything to be working normally.

Once the repair was completed, the road was resurfaced from 80th Street down to the sinking area. But, almost three months after the work was completed, some of the resurfacing has begun to sink in, creating potholes on the block, and the corner still remains a problem.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised . DEP employs dummies.

Anonymous said...

Now that Floyd Flake is on the PSC, get him to go shovel it out. Rosedale is his hood, right?

Anonymous said...

As a DEP employee, I can easily say most aren't dummies here. The dummies are in the leadership roles.