Thursday, January 29, 2015

Julissa misses the old Corona

From the NY Times:

[Ms. Gutierrez] has noticed [Corona] is more crowded. What was once an empty lot across from her family home now holds a 10-unit apartment building, she said, making parking more difficult.

City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, who lived in Corona until moving to East Elmhurst a year and a half ago, said overdevelopment is one of the neighborhood’s biggest challenges. In recent years, many two-family homes have been torn down and replaced with larger, multifamily buildings. The resulting influx of residents has not only affected parking, but has also brought in more traffic and strained city services, Councilwoman Ferreras said.

“It’s hard seeing these beautiful, large colonial homes disappearing,” she said. “As a resident, it makes me sad, because I like the feel of old Corona.”

And whose fault is it that this happened? Your old boss - Hiram, and you.


Anonymous said...

Typical new housing being built now all over the five boroughs. It is really sad being old enough to remember what NYC was like 50 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!! Bayside has become over developed in recent years and not by these "liberals" but ny people who don't even speak English! They knock down beautiful one family homes and put up multifamily homes just so they can house all of china or korea. They not only bring in all of china or korea but these illegals are moving from flushing into certain rooms they can't rent out to their own people. This city is getting too crowded and it needs to stop. This over development is causing this overcrowding as well as loose immigration laws and the fact that the government allows too much immigration into this country. These foreigners get away with breaking every housing law on the book and nothing is done about it. The government sold it's own citizens out!! Welcome to America where being a citizen doesn't pay off!!

JQ said...

nice pandering julie

at least people are getting enraged about all this pestilent development even this fat elected is listening and has suddenly got nostalgic.

too late.

Anonymous said...

Julissa, what were those votes again you cast last year in the Council on zoning variances?

Anonymous said...

If she feels that way, Julissa ought to run for political office and be in a position to change it.

Oh? She is already on the city council? Nevermind.

Well, maybe she can run against herself in the next election on the "Restore Old Corona" ticket.

Anonymous said...

Julissa, how about enforcing the law? All those predatory "cash for homes" developers are not being disciplined.

georgetheatheist said...

"They not only bring in all of china or korea but these illegals are moving from flushing into certain rooms they can't rent out to their own people. This city is getting too crowded and it needs to stop."

Ni hao ma? That's what Katz, beaming, chuckling ear-to-ear and qvelling, said (along with other lingos) at her State of Queens address last week celebrating the burro's "diversity". ("Da Woild's Burro") And the idiots in the audience lapped it up.


Anonymous said...

Gotta pack in all those illegals somewhere!

Jerry Rotondi said...

This sounds like the old anecdote about the daughter who just murdered her own parents...who then throwis herself upon the mercy of the court for now being a poor orphan. Here we have just another typical, self centered political climber, who bilks her own constituents...craps in her own back yard...then complains about the stink and moves away. Lord, save us from the ignorant voters who put these shifty politicians in office. They are the real destroyers of Queens' quality of life.

Anonymous said...

This has happened in Briarwood, Kew Gardens, Forest HIlls, etc. And it's all rental, so no one cares what happens, and they all look like tenements after awhile with the rusting railings, etc.

Anonymous said...

What can you say Things Change
I know black people who don't believe my white dad was born in Harlem?
I know Latino's who don't believe my Italian mother was born in Corona?
and together most non whites I know can't believe I was born and raised in The BRONX??
My kids were born and raised in Whitestone, Moved out after college
and some day in the very near future most if not all the Asians taking over will Never Believe my children came from QUEENS?
VETERAN CEMETERY'S will be the only reminder in 50 years that America was a great Nation, that is until the build low income housing on their graves,
What can you say,a things Change.

Anonymous said...

The failing of Queens is its abundance of nondescript architecture. In Brooklyn , by contrast, which boasts a treasure trove of townhouses ....areas get reclaimed by upwardly mobile people. Grime can be scrubbed off. Ugly cookie cutter ranch and expandable cape cod crap housed do not attract more cultured buyers. Bourgeois Queens is what it for a few nabes. It will remain so or get worse.

Chester the Dog said...

That is one ugly building!

Joe Moretti said...

Typical third world shit, which is so prevalent in so much of Queens.

A once grand borough reduced to third world rubble in a blink of an eye.

Time to change the name.

Deke DaSilva said...

“Coming back here was very natural to me,” said Ms. Gutierrez. “I enjoy the diversity. It is a trademark of who I am.”

The area has a vibrant dining scene with shops selling freshly baked empanadas"

Yes Sir! - "All the News That's Fit to Print"!

Anonymous said...

"Balls" said the Queens born if we'd had them we'd be Kings!!

Anonymous said...

Each time the NY Times uses the word "recent" in this story, it is about a Corona problem that has existed for 15 years.