Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hideous monstrosity ruins environment

From SI Live:

The immediate issue of concern is the massive, partially built residence at 64 Annfield Ct. on Todt Hill, located in a Special Natural Area District, with its 280- by 130-foot property bordering city-owned Chapin Woods.

Runoff from the excavated hillside, with its uprooted trees and stripped vegetation, has caused a nearby natural creek in the woods to erode and widen. This, in turn, has dramatically lowered the level of one of the three ponds in Reed’s Basket Willow Swamp Park over the past three or four years.

The Buildings Department had the Annfield Court site on its radar last year, but only after the damage to the hillside was a done deal.

“In August 2010, we audited the professionally certified new building plans for the two-story, one-family home under construction, and found that the plans failed to comply with the Special Natural Area District’s requirements,” spokesperson Ryan Fitzgibbon told the Advance last Friday.

“As a result, the Department revoked the new building application’s approval and the new building permit, and issued a full stop-work order to the site,” she added.

The stop-work order remains in effect until the building plans for 64 Annfield Ct. are revised and brought into compliance with Special Natural Area District regulations.


Anonymous said...

Interesting: DoB Staten Island has been reviewing professionally certified jobs for several years now. Plus, ALL applications are subject to zoning review. What the hell are these "reviewers" doing? There's more to a review than simply putting the job folder on the floor by your desk. . .

Anonymous said...

Wow look at that giant buk-j monstrosity!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, a fella from Brooklyn named "Foud Ecayan" runs the owner, 64 Annfield Court Corp. Information on companies doing business in New York State can be accessed at the New York Dep't of State's website: