Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bloomberg back to being not-so-popular

From the NY Times:

A narrow majority of New York City voters believe that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has lost his focus midway through his third term, according to a poll released Wednesday morning by Quinnipiac University.

...the survey suggests that whatever bounce Mr. Bloomberg enjoyed after what voters considered his strong performance during Tropical Storm Irene has receded. Instead, the mayor’s numbers are back to where they had been earlier this year, with residents saying that they approved of his performance, 47 to 42 percent, and his policies, 48 percent to 45 percent.

Voters also say, 52 to 41 percent, that Mr. Bloomberg has lost his focus; in July, those numbers were reversed, with voters saying, 49 to 43 percent, that he had kept his focus. One thing that has remained consistent for much of Mr. Bloomberg’s 10-year tenure, though, is the fact that New Yorkers like him as a person, 60 to 25 percent.



Anonymous said...

Hope he's ready for his perp wwalk. Lord knows we all are!

Anonymous said...

Why? I'll give my own take:

1)Incumbency Rot. people get tired of you. Staff get sloppy, arrogant and start looking out only for their own interests knowing that their tenure's end is in-sight.

2)Lately there is growing perception among people I talk to that the NYPD is getting corrupt and out of control.

3) The City's economy is still in a funk. Eventhough the profits of banking and financial co's have improved, average citizens see rising rents and food costs w/out wage increases and a still-lingering unease about their own employment.

3)Here in Manhattan and in the outer boroughs nearly every block has at least one empty storefront. Two or more is common on the upper est side. That reminds people of the Nation's economic issues that have hit home.

Finally, how long can average citizens relate to someone worth 17 billion dollars?

99% said...

Maybe we should ask the pols and media that supported him and overturned term limits.

This is not a Bloomberg issue. Its the 1% that make all the choices and rams it down our throats issue.

Until we change them, we will have one Bloomberg after another.

Anonymous said...


Once the big blow blew over....
the star of the "Blowhole Theater"....blowhard Michael R. Bloomberg's overall performance gets trashed by the critics.

Time to toss this twerp off stage!

FlushingRepresenter said...

You voted for him, now have fun.

And when the next politician comes in and promises all this bullshit for his/her first term you'll vote for them too. When they fail to come through with their promises you'll wine and complain and ill offer you some cheese with that wine!!!!

Joe said...

"how long can average citizens relate to someone worth 17 billion dollars"
Not much more at all
I think this assh*le may be finished and he knows it.
His Wall Street friends and rich are now starting to turn on him over the lower Manhattan protesters.
How long before Bloomberg sends the cops in and they break & some hipsters and some good riots start?

Riots and copycat excuses for brats to loot are coming.
---Fun City, I thinks it time to buy that LED TV and popcorn bowl