Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still dumping in Howard Beach

From the Forum:

Several weeks ago, The Forum reported about garbage being dumped illegally in the overgrowth along 165th Avenue. The Sanitation Department was notified and took swift measures to resolve the situation, resulting in the complete clearing of overgrown weeds and removal of garbage. Now residents at the other end of Howard Beach, along 155th Avenue, are experiencing a similar problem, and The Forum is currently taking steps to help resolve their concerns.

Following a barrage of illegal dumping along 155th Avenue over the weekend, the seven-block stretch from Killarney Street to Cohancy Street was strewn with nine separate piles of garbage dumped from vehicles.

Mike Bennedetti, a resident who walks to the Aqueduct train station across the Cohancy Street Bridge says the dumping happens in broad daylight. “Vans pull up to a spot where there was nothing in the street and then when they pull away there are bags, boxes and whatever left behind.”

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