Monday, October 24, 2011

Lefrak city drug dealing day care center busted

From the Daily News:

Authorities took down a Queens drug ring that peddled pot, crack and Ecstasy out of a sprawling housing complex and a state-licensed daycare center for children.

Forty-six people ranging in age from 17 to 63 were pinched during a seven-month probe of drug dealing in LeFrak City, one of the nation's largest private housing complexes, Queens prosecutors said Friday.

The daycare center, which caters to children and infants as young as six weeks-old, is located within LeFrak City, home to some 15,000 residents.

"Dealers in this operation are alleged to have hit a new low: selling drugs out of a daycare center where hard-working parents drop off their children in the expectation that they will be shielded from harm - not caught up in it," said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Among those nabbed was an inspector for the city Taxi and Limousine Commission. Prosecutors say he unleashed a pit bull on cops when he was caught smoking a joint outside his apartment on 57th Ave. this week.

Undercover investigators made 14 drug buys in the Burke-Arthur Day Care Center, which is licensed to care for as many as a dozen children, ranging from infants to 12 year-olds.


Anonymous said...

In the early nineties this complex was referred to as "Le Crack City".

Too bad, these are/were nice apts and relatively convenient to the city.

Anonymous said...

I know that it takes time to build a case, but it just seems wrong that this was a seven month case. For seven months there was at least suspicion that this was going on around children and the fact that it was watched for 7 months where children were endangered.....seems wrong.

FlushingRepresenter said...

War on drugs baby. Let's see how long this lasts. My bet is that it will lasts another 20 years before anyone realizes what a fucking COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY IT IS.

Anonymous said...

Correct, Joe, except for one point: Medford's no slum. You might be mixing it up with Mastic. Former LIer here.

Joe said...

LOl when was the last time you were in Medford all local democraps infested there now. (the whole S Shore and S fork from Freeport to Montauk for that matter).

Back to Medford:
The Mextizo's and Colombians have been robbing the junkyards, sheds, BBQ's, houses and garages like no tomorrow.
Sections of Medford are almost as bad a Brentwood and areas of Deer Park.
On the good side gas and beer is CHEAP (Wicks road)and the illegal July 4th backyard fireworks cant be beat. Those Mexicans sure love to drink and party !!
In Deer Park they were roasting full pigs (complete with heads & tails)over fire pits wile launching trunkloads of 3 inch mortors and missile cakes.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to all of those "Mr. Softee" trucks dealing weed, crack, crystal meth, etc. along with their ice cream and thick shakes....slurp, slurp?

Anonymous said...

Looks like "Joe" is right on!
Long Island is fast becoming "crime island".

The major gangs (like MS #13, etc.) are represented all over the place.

It used to be that folks left NYC in droves back in the early 70s to get away from those troublesome "minority" groups.

Now the children of those who exited "the city" wished that their parents hadn't moved to "the island" because that's where all the "people of color" now live.

Sorry kiddies, but when you leave New York (City) you ain't goin' nowhere!

Now you can't unload your homes to be able to afford moving back to "the big apple" so you'll have to just make do.

Joe said...

""folks left NYC in droves back in the early 70s to get away from those troublesome "minority" groups"
Even in the early 80's. You cant take Queens kids and put them in the sticks. Now their children and grandchildren are alcoholics, dopers addicts lazys and useless weed smoking single white teen moms with ZERO self esteem, living on the rocks knocked up by some "minority". They are losing everything and now **THESE GOOD FOR NOTHING BRATS** vote Democrat for the free handouts, services and "protection"
---Dont be a landlord renting to a single mom renting on most of Long Island in 2011. You will never see your rent $$ and be forced to pay the heat and electric on before a judge orders an eviction --2 years if you lucky.

The village of Greenport is now a good 40% welfare black and 20% illegal aliens.
In Montauk its the same way but with Illegal Irish and lots horrible DWI deaths because its more spread out.
I was going to run for a seat in Southold (all Republicans) but found those pricks just as corrupt.
For example you have a supervisor who made his "female friend" the towns good for nothing attorney who gives into just about everything.
(the last noise ordnance was a real piece of work, the woman doesn't even understand anything about sound)
These crooked bastards tell the cops to "lay off" the piss drunk or DWI illegal Mexican farm laborers. Southold cops actually drive piss drunk illegals home to the worker housing on the farms and jail the people with, licenses, legal registered cars and insurgence.
Most of these big farms are owned by family's the very same politicians and council people in office !!
Many of the grand children have mixed race bastard kids with no fathers.
Many have wetback illegal bums in the family or domestic help just like George Bush and John McCain
Its pretty safe to say every town in what **was** America will soon be circling in the toilet Los Angeles to Montauk.

Demand for cheap labor & high census numbers (to collect federal $$) is driving all these problems is some way.
Personally I do all my own work on EVERYTHING and will not use any contractors using illegals or people that cant speak English.
I make them sign a contract and want to see papers and personal injury insurgence of everybody doing work on my private property.

I verify ALL OF IT as well !
If a contractor don't like it they can take a walk with their illegal labor and phony insurance papers --F_ em !!
The same thing that led to Lefrak City and Queens demise is happening on most of Long Island.

I have noticed most middle class are now working late hours, commuting far or to Manhattan to stay afloat. They have to much on there minds to pay attention to local politics.
That when crooks and Democrats lock down like cockroaches for decades. Irrecoverable damage !!

Cav said...

Getting back to the original post, Lefrak city east of Junction Blvd was never nice at least since the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else but a slum landlord - always - well-earned reputation.

Anonymous said...

Good points, "Joe".
Ain't it the sad truth? !!!

Glad I didn't move out of NYC in 1980 when everybody told me to do so.

I prefer NYC's sometimes dangerous grittiness to living with some of the trailer trash mentality that currently occupies Long Island.

I'd even prefer to live in Lefrak City over Greenport.

The Lefrak family is trying to French-ify its name to add some KLASS.

We have the Le Frak Center For The Performing Arts at Queens College....LOL!

Anonymous said...

Who's surprised?

Anonymous said...

drugs are everywhere not only in lefrak. crime is everywhere not only on leffrak. so stop acting like is only here. i just moved to lefrak and i love it here.