Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gelmart site fails DOB audit

From the Queens Chronicle:

After pressure from state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), the city Department of Buildings has issued a letter to the owners of a controversial College Point development to possibly revoke the project’s permits.

The letter was sent to Point 128 LLC, which is renovating a building at 20-07 127th St. to convert it into a 114-room hotel, with a supermarket, restaurants, a food court, shops and 124 parking spots.

But area residents are concerned about traffic issues since the neighborhood is already oversaturated and there are many one-way streets, making it difficult to maneuver.

Avella tried to stop the project by asking the DOB to check the legality of the plan under zoning and building codes. The site is in a manufacturing zone.

On Tuesday, he was informed that the agency had done an audit of the project and found technical issues with the plans and has asked to meet with the developers.

Point 128 has 10 days to respond about the problems. If the developer does not comply, the DOB can revoke the permits.

And LPC rejected landmarking for it.


99 % said...

Someone should look into why LPC staff are used, as part of the study when an area is rezoned, to make secret studies to look into sites that might have "problems" - like former cemeteries and the like.

This is information is not public but available only to developers. Funny if this fulfills their mandate.

They only seem to have time and resources to expand districts that the one percent live in - while using every's tax money to support these questionable efforts.

Meanwhile our communities are systemically destroyed and ignored for landmarking.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Tony's not too late on this one and that his proposed oversite legislation includes this type of development abuse thats destroying Queens neighborhoods. Keep legislating Senator Avella, apparently your the only one out there who is.