Monday, October 17, 2011

Bloomberg won't pony up $70K for Maspeth park

From the Times Ledger:

Nearly two months have passed since the city committed itself to acquiring the old St. Saviour’s Church site in Maspeth for parkland, and even though $5.5 million has already been allocated to purchase the property, a sum of money totaling about 1 percent of that amount is holding up the process while warehouse walls rapidly climb.

“It’s not an enormous amount of money,” said Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Park Advocates. “There are so many examples of the city putting up money for things. This just does not seem to be a priority.”

The city Parks Department needs between $50,000 and $70,000 to begin the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, a formal process that takes at least a few months whereby the city can legally buy private property.

“I think honestly there has been a real reluctance and an insecurity to getting this job done on the part of the electeds,” Croft said. “They’re not as aggressive as the community wants them to be.”

...if the city actually begins the ULURP process, it will attempt to acquire the entire property, even the portion with the impending warehouses, according to Croft.

“We are to supposed to believe ... there isn’t $70,000 somewhere in the city’s $66 billion budget for a park for Maspeth?” she asked, citing multi-million projects like the renovation of Times Square and a new golf course in the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg hates Queens - doesn't care about a park in this area where no one voted for him.

Maspeth marauder said...

Of course not!

Der Fuhrer has allocated that money to (snicker, snicker) some more of Jeanette Sadik Khan's pedestrian plazas in Manhattan.

Having been red-lined for years....Maspeth has been butt-f----d once again!

This is the community where city officials take their dumps.

Bloomberg considers it the chamber pot of Queens.

Waz up Liz Crowley....speaking of political poop?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Can't wait until the day comes when I see Bloomberg's skinny ass finally leave New York City.

If enough of our city survives hizzoner's heavy hand----maybe we can rebuild it to serve ALL of its residents.

Surely, Bloomberg's iron-fisted treatment of NYC's middle class will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You suckers should have learned many many years ago..the majority of your taxes goes into making manhattan look nice and grow..the outer boro's rot and will continue to rot..i left long ago because of this..and other things..

AL said...

Why would anyone think this would play out differently? He needs to keep the developers happy, getting that money would make them unhappy.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is that black stuff on the bricks? Mold???

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Money only goes into Manhattan's tourist corridor.

Anonymous said...

Black mold? Uh oh! Tear it down...NOW!