Friday, October 21, 2011

This smells worse than the Flushing River at low tide!

From the Queens Chronicle:

Along the waterfront, there are only two active businesses: the U-Haul building and a Korean supermarket. Most of the other properties are vacant.

Consultants from several firms were quick to assure that landowners will not be forced to build anything they don’t want, nor will eminent domain be considered.

“This is not a land grab,” said former borough President Claire Shulman, who heads the LDC. “We are not taking over property.”

Lynn Do, one of the consultants from AKRF Inc., said the purpose of the grant is to develop “a flexible master plan” that will be community-based and “will enhance waterfront access.”

She noted that Flushing is “bursting at the seams” and “we need to go west to create a place to visit and live.”


Anonymous said...

Wellinton Z. Chen feels mighty lucky sitting next to Buddha.

Anonymous said...

How many lucky (John Liu) bucks did Claire get from Wellington?

Anonymous said...

“This is not a land grab,” said former borough President Claire Shulman, who heads the LDC. “We are not taking over property.”

Therefore Willets Point IS a land grab! Notice how these tax sucking consulting firms are hired to do their bidding. What is it REALLY costing us before a shovel is put into the ground?

Anonymous said...

When you say smells, do you mean Shulman or the project?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Former Donald Manes protege,
Claire Shulman:

In case you're memory is failing you---here's a little reminder.

The Flushing community once produced its own community initiated "master plan" with REAL community input.

We don't need your "new" version
or Wellington Chen's either (if he has one to offer).

That original plan was put forth by the "Coalition For a Planned Flushing Inc."---
of which I was then a board member.

They hired a world class firm of urban planners to design a Flushing that would have benefited ALL OF ITS RESIDENTS---
and it was brilliantly executed!

There would have been reasonable development balanced with some appropriate historic preservation and no traffic gridlock---parkland and a waterfront promenade too!

The "Coalition"'s plan, however, was promptly ignored---maybe because it didn't originate from borough hall's "usual suspects"!

Despite this, some of its elements were quickly "appropriated" and shortly afterward perverted by various ambitious "locals".

The Flushing BID is currently using the logotype that the "Coalition For a Planned Flushing" commissioned and paid "Chermayeff & Geismar Inc." to design.

You can see it all around town on lamp posts etc.

To the best of my knowledge, the BID, did not bother to get permission from the "Coalition" to use THEIR logo.

At this point-of-no-return it matters little.

Flushing has become "FLUSH TOWN"---
water under the bridge.

Time to join the "Pinocchio Club", Ms. Shulman, with the rest of its lying long nosed members!

They might even elect you chairwoman---if that doesn't interfere with your "duties"
at Willets Point.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Stavisky; Shulman; CB#7
and the whole damned project:


It all stinks like the effluent mud that's settled on the Flushing River's bottom!

A highly valued 5 ounce bottle of "Eau De Low-Tide" will be presented to every would be investor.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

I'd say both.

Anonymous said...

Chen seated here at Shulman's left and, more recently in a New York Times expose photo, standing on John Liu's right.

Connect the dots to discover the length of the Chinese money chain that's been feeding political corruption all over the U.S.A.

Could Chen be the major facilitator...control the Oriental cash pipeline that's been nourishing Queens' political campaigns since the early 1980s?, better yet...subpoena Congressman Ackerman!

Massagee, massagee, massagee!

Then rub Michael Nussbaum into confessing what he knows going back to the old glory days of Donald Manes!

The old "silk road" is paled by the new "greenbacks road"!

Follow the money...connect those young savvy FBI agents desiring to climb up the ladder.

Anonymous said...

This is not a land grab,” said former borough President Claire Shulman, who heads the LDC. “We are not taking over property.”

She is the head of this quasi-governmental LDC and a lobbyist? I don't think she can legally do both. But breaking the law is nothing new to this group.

They'll just spread some more lucky bucks into the appropriate political war chests.

BTW Has Wellington Z. Chen been listed as a bundler by John Liu?

What's the hold up?

Anonymous said...

The Flushing River stinks because Robert Moses buried it in 1963 causing it to stagnate.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

There already was a master plan for the flushing River Waterfront back in 1989 by then-Councilwoman Julia Harrison. Click on my name to see the image. What happened to that plan? Why is it gathering dust in the archives of the Central Library?

Also, in 2008, the Parks Department commissioned a study to daylight the buried sections of Flushing River. What happened to that plan?

Why should taxpayers believe that Claire Shulman's plan has a better chance of becoming reality?

Anonymous said...

Why should taxpayers believe that Claire Shulman's plan has a better chance of becoming reality?


They shouldn't. It could take 15 years. She'll be taking a dirt nap before it even gets started.

Jerry Rotondi said...

That's correct Sergey.

The "Coalition For A Planned Flushing Inc." worked very closely with Julia Harrison's office to develop that great plan.

Both, in fact,
were partners in the effort.

A 3 dimensional architectural model was even constructed of the downtown Flushing environs as it applied to the "master plan".

I can only guess at where it now resides.

It certainly seems that somebody assumed the credit from the Coalition For A Planned Flushing and Councilwoman Harrison for developing it.

Could it have been Myra Baird Herce and Wellington Z. Chen (both highly active in Flushing since the Donald Manes era) who spirited the plan over to the executive director of the Flushing BID who then claimed authorship of it?

Who knows for sure how it all really happened?

A lot of questions remain to be answered---as to whether this currently proposed "master plan" is really more of a plot hatched within the Bloomberg administration--with the aid of Queens Borough Hall and its various affiliates.

The future holds all of the answers.

Anonymous said...

Harison was in cahoots with Zukendorf or someone like that

Anonymous said...

Harrison, joined by overwhelming community protest, was against the Zeckendorf plan for developing Flushing's Muni Lot #1.

An uninformed jerk-wad like yourself had best return his head up his butt, into the oblivion from whence it came.

Anonymous said...

When Shulman leaves this shall the stench of the Flushing River....LOL!

The odor of corruption will linger, a little longer, however, until Moby Stavisky takes her journey "out west".