Monday, October 24, 2011

Developer asks BSA for hardship waiver for illegal building

From NYCityWatch via Sheepshead Bites:

Community members and elected officials from Brooklyn’s Marine Park section opposed a developer’s request Tuesday for permission to complete an oversized building that violated the zoning code.

The city stopped work on the six-story building at 2232 Kimball St. five years ago after the Buildings Department realized it was bigger than the zoning permitted. The developer doesn’t have the $500,000 that would be needed to remove the top two floors, its representative, Margery Perlmutter, told the city Board of Standards and Appeals on Tuesday.

Kimball Group filed a “hardship” waiver in April that the local community board, which is limited to an advisory role, rejected unanimously.

“I do not consent to the Kimball Group receiving waivers,” Joann Mitchum, who lives in a neighboring building, told the Board of Standards and Appeals on Tuesday. “Actions speak louder than words. They haven’t done anything to help our community.”

Marine Park resident Margaret McCarthy said the developer should not be rewarded for violating the zoning regulations. “It’s an eyesore, it’s a health hazard,” she said.

“The building was built illegally,” Assembly member Alan Maisel (D-Brooklyn) said. “It’s an eyesore. If they had done it the right way there would have been no hardships”

Joan Byrnes, representing State Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn), said, “If they are unable to act within the law they can file for bankruptcy.”


Anonymous said...

A 6 story building in an R4 zone? Another Henry Radusky's crap. DOB should have banned him from self-certifying his jobs same as his fellow architect Scarono.

Anonymous said...

The floor should be removed by the city and billed back to the builder and then let them go bankrupt and lose the building.

Steven Beard said...

I think we all know what is going to happen.... despite community opposition, including from the local community board, the BSA will end up siding with the developer.

Anonymous said...

force the developer to downsize the structure , by sending them to jail. this should be S.O.P. it will stop other copycat developers

Anonymous said...

Hardship waiver - over my dead body! Tear it down!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the current RKO Keith's Flushing theater owner, Patrick Thompson, puts in for a "hardship waiver" to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission to overturn their designation.

CB#7 held up the development of the site by its previous owner, Shya Boymelgeen for almost 2 full years, while they were ironing out vehicular traffic minutia!

During that delay, Boymelgreen went broke due to a downswing in the economy and the building went into foreclosure.

It's almost as if CB#7 wants to really see the whole damn former theater razed to the ground....including its landmark lobby and foyer.

This same corrupt CB#7 allowed many other mega projects that created traffic jams in Flushing to speed on through....without a whimper of protest.

Just what is "follow the buck" Chuck's and "pour me another drink" Gene's real agenda here?

Dump that whole damned dumb, disinterested, crooked board!

Anonymous said...

Hardship means "we aren't making enough of a profit". The locals there are starting to see the area turn.I wouldn't be surprised to see them take drastic steps to see this through.