Monday, October 17, 2011

He got what he wanted, so who cares?

From the NY Times:

Michael R. Bloomberg was testifying this month about his diamond-encrusted campaigns, but he might as well have been talking about the balky state of his mayoral enterprise after 10 years.

The mayor likes to insist that he was de facto drafted for a third term, that City Council members and corporate worthies pulled at his hem, begging him to overturn term limits and run again. “A number of people kept coming to me and asking if it were possible,” the mayor also testified. No doubt some importuned. But many, not least his own aides, counseled against it.

A third term is a politician’s Death Valley. It’s a land of the lost in which third-stringers are press-ganged into becoming first-stringers, midlevel managers space out as you talk, and City Council members start to talk back. Not to mention that miscreants and consultants often grab for what is not legitimately theirs.

And true to historical form, very little has gone swimmingly for our potentate in chief. He purchased a third term at not inconsiderable personal cost — he spent a tidy $105 million on his re-election — and now his headaches proliferate.


Anonymous said...

The ones importuning him to run again were the developers, contractors, publishers and charter school operators to whom the city as a whole has been left in debt to as a result of Bloomberg's largesse with our money. He on the other hand ,fell victim to his addiction to the easy money wired into his offshore coffers. Ugland House is the tip of the iceberg.Liu,Vance,Schneiderman + Bharara, get to it!

Anonymous said...

You can beat the drum all you want about Bloomberg, he stuck it to the electorate to get his third term and they like it.

Auntie Invasion said...

Don't cry for me Argentina. the SOB can resign any time he wants.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to New Yorkers to vote for a unkosher shrimp.

Anonymous said...

did you know : Doomsberg's girlfriend DianaTaylor is Vice Chmn. of After Schools Corp. it was fund granted in 1998 by the "Open Societies Corporation", which is funded by Billionaire George Soros.

" : she is also a member of the board of Brookfield Office Properties (owner of Zuccotti park),whose subsidiary Brookfield Renewable Energy Power (New Hampshire wind farms) just got a Obama Dept. of Energy loan guarantee of $135 million. Heather Podesta,daughter in law of John Podesta ,democrat operative in the Obama & Clinton adm. was the lobbyiest involved in the deal.