Saturday, October 15, 2011

4 cops, 3 protesters show up at "Occupy Bayside"

From Bayside Patch:

A group of demonstrators occupied the Bayside Train station. Did you miss it? Perhaps you saw the Protesters on your way to work.


Fred Berry said...

Too lazy to travel to Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

That's almost as many as the pack of geezers who showed for the tea party last year.

Anonymous said...

did you know : that President Obama received more campaign donations from the WALL STREET BANKS than any presidential candidate in history ?

" :all of the banks paid the T.A.R.P. money back to the U.S. Government , with interest. but did the money get put back to the U.S. Treasury by Obama , where it belongs ?

" : that Zuccotti Park is actually owned by a international company, BROOKFIELD OFFICE PROPERTIES, based in Canada. they own G.M.A.C. REAL ESTATE and GMAC MORTGAGE ,plus many other subsidiaries. possibly green energy. the Canadian Gov. ,along with the the U.S.Gov. OBAMA ADM. own 61% of the (new) GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY. The United Auto Workers Union hold a trust for healthcare and pensions.the ( old pre-bankruptcy G.M. stockholders) took a bath on their financial investments in the former G.M. Corp. it has been reported that the new company has paid no corporate taxes, like G.E, and Verizon.

Anonymous said...

That last picture clearly shows four protesters. Nice attempt to under count by 25%.
Seriously, instead of poking fun you should be encouraging the Queens sheep to be protesting some of the crooked shit that goes on.

Queens Crapper said...

Oh, pardon me for missing that one protester.

I think just about everything I post here encourages the Queens sheep to protest some of the crooked shit that goes on. But they don't.

Anonymous said...

" : that Zuccotti Park is actually owned by a international company, BROOKFIELD OFFICE PROPERTIES, based in Canada


What about the fact that Bloomberg's girlfriend, Diana L. Taylor, in on the board of Brookfield:

Is anyone else as surprised as I am? Bloomberg has a girlfriend???

Big Hairy Balls said...

Here's a newsflash for these dumb ass wall street protesters: get a job! There are no jobs? Bull! NYC substitute teachers $100+ per day! Fast food, tire places, Wal Mart, etc. So it's beneath your dignity to work in a "Mc" job? Then don't complain. During periods of unemployment my children worked every low level job there was. The problem is that their parents let them remain at home. Kick them out now! I was in the USAF (VN) at their age. I came home & made a life for myself. The age of entitlement has come to an end. Long live Israel! Death to Iran! Long live Queens Crapper! Long live my amazing NYC pension that was promised to me & I EARNED it! You lazy S**t heads.

Deke DaSilva said...

Alex Tufel says, "We are here to put pressure on our elected officials and get the conversation going."

Why would elected officials be hanging out at the Bayside train station? Don't they have important elected official things to do?

Former State Assembly candidate Steve Behar came to show his support for the protesters

Ah ha! Close, but not quite!

A former state assembly candidate, who obviously has a lot of time on his hands, showed up to show his support!

Lynn Manheim, a business broker from Whitestone.(Holding a “Tax Fairness Now” sign)

Be careful what you wish for Ms. Manheim!

Your occupation clearly puts you on the side of the bourgeoisie!

Poignant signs peppered the Bayside LIRR station.

Yes, but they obviously aren't School of Visual Arts graduates!

Grade school kids have more artistic talents than protesters!

Anonymous said...

"I think just about everything I post here encourages the Queens sheep to protest some of the crooked shit that goes on."
Then don't knock the people that DO protest, even if it's not your agenda they are protesting about.

Anonymous said...

diana taylor, Doomsbergs girlfriend,now works for former I.M.F. president, James Wolfensen ( during the clinton adm.) all rino/liberal democrats.

she was rejected by the Bush Adm. fpr Sec. of the Treasury,while she worked for the nys finance system.

i also attended ,in the rain,the protesting of the obama adm. bringing the Al Queda muslim terrorists from Gitmo to nyc, @ Foley Sq.
we all know what the result was. no trial in Manhattan ,yet. 0ver two thousand attended.

the Tea Party (tax enough already)Patriots numbered approximately 1000 @ the Hicksville R.R. station (i attended with a "FIRE ERIC HOLDER SIGN". the 34 st./8th avenue protest on April 15 (tax day) crowded the area sidewalks at
Penn . station/U.S.Post Office then.

i paid no dues, made my own sign,got no check from a G.Soros ,Move on . Org, socialist type and left no debris after me.
the worldwide socialist/media/ complex did not air these meetings ,every hour on the hour.

the result was in 2010, 62 liberal/dem./rino congressmen were replaced.

the community organizer is good at this, but we shall see if a rented crowd will cover up the economic damage of his administration done to the U.S, from 2008-2012

You know who said...


Deke be de best.

Should post more often and stretch little minds.

Queens Crapper said...

When did I make fun of them? I reported who what where when why and how many.

Anonymous said...

"When did I make fun of them?
We can read between the lines.

I reported who what where when why and how many."
You did a crappy job in your "reporting" as there were at least 6 protesters there if you look through the photos.

Queens Crapper said...

Wow, now we're up to 6 protesters even though you said 4 before. Maybe you should have been there protesting instead of just providing lip service, and then you would know what you're talking about.

The funny thing is that OWS has been trying to prevent themselves from being co-opted by Why no mention of that?

Anonymous said...

"Wow, now we're up to 6 protesters even though you said 4 before."

I'm not the one pretending to cover the story. Your headline is still wrong. You could at least correct it in the face of new evidence.

"The funny thing is that OWS has been trying to prevent themselves from being co-opted by Why no mention of that?"
Because it's not my protest and I don't follow the politics behind it. I am just glad to see SOMEONE protesting SOMETHING. You should be too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should cover Citibank having account holders arrested in a branch today for trespassing. I guess we never have to worry about a run on the bank ever again. Citi and the NYPD have that all figured out.

Anonymous said...

"Long live my amazing NYC pension that was promised to me & I EARNED it! You lazy S**t heads."

Another lazy govt retiree. Did squat while working and now the taxpayers are paying for your pension.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with the Crapper but the nit picking is just juvenile. She is just trying to get out some news here. More importantly can anyone tell me what the occupy Wall Street folks stand for or want other than some slogans. They seemed to have attracted everyone who needs something to do. I saw one complaining about owing $150,000 in student loans (!!!) and all I can think to myself is who forced this guy to borrow the money. This country and the rest of the world went on a borrowing binge that still has not ended and now people are being forced to pay the bills. Responsible people like myself and others who live within their means (what a concept) should not have to bail out morons with no self control. I do feel bad for people who have lost their jobs or who get sick but they are smaller percentage here. Obama and Congress spent and spent and spent with little to show for it. They should be occupying Washington instead of preventing tourists and others who want to put people to work from doing just that.

Queens Crapper said...

You're glad someone is protesting something? That's all it takes to make you happy, eh? How about the substance of what they are protesting? How about half the time, protests are staged by people with deep pockets and special interests, like

Anonymous said...

for a clear perspective of how anarcho-socialist activist leader LISA FITHIAN is running this OWS worldwide show ,see:"E - MAILS EXPOSE OWS CONSPIRACY TO DESTABILIZE GLOBAL MARKETS" by Andrew Breibart( big government .com)

Anonymous said...

The thing that hits me about Queens is how the boro is against the protesters on Wall St.

Sure everyone in this boro is getting screwed. But my God this place just HATES taking a controversial stand on anything or standing up for its rights.

THIS is why the boro is increasingly a laughingstock, its elected officials a joke, its culture (if more than 10 blocks from the East River) stale, and its landscape increasingly a visual nightmare - one vast slum.

Increasingly there seems never to be a good story from this boro.

Maybe, just maybe, instead or your ingrained gut reaction to reject the Wall Street protesters, for once in your mean little miserable bitching complaining lives, just keep your mouths shut, listen, and if possible, THINK.

georgetheatheist said...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Friday's commentary on the Infestation of Wall Street by the Greatest Caller Ever to Talk Radio - Frank of Queens. His suggestion for a Museum to the Victims of Class Warfare was innovatively outstanding.

You can download Frank of Queens' commentary during the magnificent 1st hour of his broadcast here.

A voice in his amen corner. Describing the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Death by Hunger, instigated by Stalin the Socialist Swine - an easy, so-o-o educational read here.

Water cannons loose! Hose down Zuccotti Park and rid this area of the collectivist rats and vermin. Do it now.

Anonymous said...

If you're having problems with your elected officials listening to your concerns, wouldn't be more effective to vote them out of office than to hold a demonstration?

Queens Crapper said...

Explain to me how taxing the rich helps me and I'll be all on board with this protest. The protesters don't seem to be asking for my taxes to be cut, just that the rich get taxed more. Personally, I don't care how much the rich get taxed. The country needs to stop wasting all of our tax money on stupid shit like welfare for developers and foreign aid to our enemies. That will not happen by camping out on Wall Street.

Queens Crapper said...

I also like the tactic of insulting people who in fact ARE thinking and participating in dialogue on this website. Knee jerk reaction also includes believing that a protest, any protest, is a positive thing. It's already cost city taxpayers more than $2M in police overtime and according to NY Magazine has bankrupted some of the vendors that cater to Wall Street - Egyptians that know real revolution and think this protest is a joke.

Anonymous said...

"How about half the time, protests are staged by people with deep pockets and special interests, like"

The "tea party" and the other more clandestine front orgs have been financed by shadowy reactionary figures such as the Koch bros.

You can simply search for "tea party financed"

These aren't some true grass-roots organizations. They are fronts for right wing reactionaries who use the fears and prejudices of ignorant, mostly old people to further the causes of private businesses.

Those kids protesting are the real thing. They have a genuine interest in the future direction of this Country and the world.

Most of the corruption you report regularly on this blog is rooted in the dominance of money in all aspects of American life.

You won't find any cures for that in the "tea party" and it's wealthy benefactors.

Queens Crapper said...

Really? Then why can't they articulate intelligently what it is they want? Why is everyone with an agenda down at Wall Street? We've seen signs that say "end tuition payments" "justice for Troy Davis" "end capitalism" "free Mumia" etc. Anyone with a gripe, the cameras are on, do your thing so everyone's message is watered down!

And if they morphed this into a successful political movement like the Tea Party, I'd have some respect for them. The results that count are at the voting booth.

Yes - money is dominant in all aspects of American life and has been since the inception of the country. That is not the problem. The problem, as mentioned before, is how the money is spent.

Anonymous said...

Seem to recall the Tea Party being against corporate bailouts as well. And they have been vilified as racist for not wanting more taxation only to feed into these types of schemes. I guess it only becomes a national rallying cry when a bunch of leftists make it THEIR issue.

Anonymous said...

"Egyptians that know real revolution and think this protest is a joke."

Why, because it is not violent and no one has been killed? Are you suggesting that street violence would be a better way to protest?

Anonymous said...

"I don't always agree with the Crapper but the nit picking is just juvenile. She is just trying to get out some news here."

This is not the first post I read that implies the crapper is female. I always assumed you are male from your blowhard nature.
Care to clarify? No comment is also understandable.

Anonymous said...

Protest is a joke because it has no focus and isn't accomplishing a thing. And It's strange that you would care so much about the Crapper's gender. Time to get a hobby.

Queens Crapper said...

That other commented must have touched a nerve with their Tea Party comparison.

And the blog is not a one-person venture despite what you may have heard or assumed.

Anonymous said...

just got a letter from citibank saying they have changed their mind and WILL NOT be charging $5 for the use of a debit card- hey, the occupy wall street protects have at least achieved something and saved me my hard earned money

LibertyBoyNYC said...

OCCUPY WILLIAMSBURG!! fucking lefty fascist hipsters are brow beating the middle class with their fancy pants fermentations. occupy their ass!!!

Big Hairy Balls said...

To the anon who referred to me as a lazy gov't retiree, you are an idiot! I taught math (addition through calc) for 30 years. I served in Viet Nam. Besides living in your mother's basement what have you done with your life? My pension was part of the deal when I took my job. Now go out & protest something you insignificant punk. Long live Israel! Long live Jesus! Death to the Palestinians! Long live Queens crapper!

Anonymous said...

re:#28 ,your link to" against corporate bailouts ,by a leftie writer" never reported that democratic cong. barney frank and( then )dem. sen. chris dodd,both chmn. of government finance committee's and ,Fannie May/Freddie Mac, millionaire F.Raines, H.U.D. Secretary Andrew Cuomo, were all supporters and initiators of legislation to force banks to give subprime loans to NINANJ (NO INCOME,NO ASSETS, NO JOBS ) CLIENTS.

the banks have since repaid the tarp loans with interest.

banks such as NY COMMUNITY/QUEENS COUNTY never permitted loans to ninanj borowers. the bank returned $500,000,000. of T.A.R.P. $ to Obama.

possibly other banks ,at the time ,did the same.

the protesters are misguided anarcho-socialist tools from the same dna of 1970"s Yippie Abbie Hoffman,(committed suicide with 150 pills), was. he was arrested with Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy, protesting the C.I.A. he tutored,LISA FITHIAN, a leader of the OWS socialist tools ,in the 80's.

she has carried the anarchist teaching seminars all over the world ,for the last 30 years.

Queens Crapper said...

Just wanted to let you guys in on something. I wasn't going to post about this. But I decided to conduct an experiment, and you all failed.

This post was about a protest that 6 people showed up to. Not a topic that directly affects your quality of life, but about 6 people from an organization funded by a billionaire standing outside a train station holding posters calling for more taxes on a certain segment of society.

That was much more important to my regular readers than the rest of today's posts which got no more than 3 comments each, max. Some got 0. This one is pushing 40.

This is a signal to me that it's time for me to shut the blog down because after 5 years, you people still don't get it. You're getting screwed in your own backyard by your local electeds a lot more than by any bank or corporation. Yet the bank or corporation is the target of your rage. Banks and corporations get away with what they can because the pols allow them to. Yet you find it more important to squat in a park than to vote the bums out. You've gotten just what you deserve.