Wednesday, October 26, 2011

City to crack down on honking (yeah, right)


Loose Goosey said...

Honk, honk....does that mean me?

Ooops....there comes Bloomberg the gas man....and he ain't here to read the meter!

Anonymous said...

Another one of Bloomberg's quirkish measures.

That man is senile and has to be sent to the funny farm....and fast!

When are you gonna impose a toilet paper tax on New Yorkers, Mike?


Anonymous said...

Well meaning cop writes many summonses for horn honking, cop gets called to traffic court, cop loses just one case, cop gets stopped by IAB in hallway, IAB inspects cop's memo book, IAB discovers cop left some inane detail like the weather conditions out of his entry for this summons, cop loses 10 vacation days for this "infraction", cop NEVER writes another horn honking summons for the rest of his career, cop tells other cops about this incident, more cops decide to never write these summonses ever again.

Anonymous said...

That's an offensive ethnic slur referring to my big noze?