Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weiner campaign still spending

From the Huffington Post:

Former New York Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner's decision to resign on June 24 following his admission of inappropriate sexual contact with women online hasn't put an end to his campaign's spending, a review of the politician's federal election records from from The Hill shows.

In fact, with his campaign spending totaling more than $130,000 in the third quarter -- the entirety of which took place after Weiner's departure from office -- the former congressman clocked in as the fourth-highest spender out of all U.S. representatives from New York City over that period, The Hill points out.

According to an itemized breakdown, the Weiner campaign rung up $10,000 in travel expenses, $25,000 on consulting firms and "policy research," and just under $30,000 on legal fees during the third quarter.

A spokesperson for Weiner explained that the majority of recent expenses were "associated with the winding down of Anthony's campaign."


Anonymous said...

This guy is not out of politics.

Dems treat such laps of sexual judgment as a badge of courage.

Anonymous said...

His nose is a big as Shulman's.

Uh....is that his nose or his weiner transplanted?

Anonymous said...

So if the choice for Mayor comes down to Weiner, Liu, Quinn, whom to chose?

Anonymous said...

What better choice is there?

We're f----d either way!

At least Chrissy doesn't have a dick to stick us where it really hurts.

Snake Plissskin said...

The continued acceptance of small town cronyism run by those second stringers who control our local politics

makes our city, a place that that fancies itself the intellectual and cultural capital of the world, look like an old painted whore wearing a dress of fine silk and taffeta.

End of story.

Anonymous said...

when is the Huffington Post going to start paying it's writers?

Anonymous said...

What an arrogant prick.........

Anonymous said...

i would rather nyc be MAYORLESS ,than any of those three liberal/progressive/socialist/ potentially marxist losers.

Anonymous said...

In this case, I agree with you, Gramps. An asshole is an asshole, regardless of party affiliations.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing!

The Toby Stavisky campaign will be spending even after she's left the Earth.

From all of those off shore accounts....Evan will become rich!