Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Major loansharking bust nets 37

From WCBS880:

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly announced a major takedown of organized crime activity today.

The long-term investigation focused on gambling and loan sharking rings — the real moneymakers for the Gambino crime family.

Kelly said that the 37 defendants were rounded up in a series of early morning raids.

Investigators had used wiretaps, video surveillance, GPS tracking, and bugs placed inside various locations to make their cases.

When the defendants conducted business on street corners, undercover cops were watching.

According to the charges, some of the gambling operations on professional sports and horse racing were run out of offshore wire rooms that generated millions of dollars in wagers.

The investigation was called “Operation Flat Rate.”

4 boroughs and NJ are represented!


Anonymous said...

i guess there is no time to arrest the undercover ,hit and run, flea bagger, anarcho-socialist terror revolutionary's. i guess the NYPD does not listen to or read kleinonline .com or world net

why is the M.S.M. omitting this information?

when a cop is intimidated by a punk revolutionary,he should defend himself. kelly's rules for engagement are counter productive

nyc is not rome or athens......YET

Anonymous said...

interesting anonymous: my reaction was the exact opposite; I wondered if the interest rates charged by those accused of loan sharking exceed the interest rates charged by some national banks, who are deemed exempt from state usuary laws.

Anonymous said...

do you know of any national banker who has broken a late lender's arms and legs, when payment was due ?

all know that the loan sharks vig is VERY much higher than the bank, especially in 2011 (3.5%). now if you return to Democrat President Jimmy Carter's depression of 1977, the interest rate was 19%. been there,done that......

Anonymous said...

Small potatoes.

How about the Queens machine and the monies they get from developers?

Anonymous said...

Oh no Anon, I am not referring to the Roosevelt New Deal initiated Fannie Mae loans, I am referring to NY State usuary laws (aka loan sharking) which sets usuary rates at anything more than 25% with the exemption for national banks whose interest rules are based on where they incorporate and are routinely known to vault to 30% if 2 payments in a row are late. You don't think South Dakota would otherwise be the natural home for credit card companies, do you? In response to your intial point, I watched the video of the commanding officer spray the pepper spray and scurry away, NYPD internal affairs has already reviewed the action and acknowledged that this was against NYPD protocol, whether it is something more will be up to the courts. More importantly this stifling of free speech is exactly the kind of state action our Constitution sought to prevent. You know the document written by a bunch of revolutionaries who ironically were fundamentally opposed to unfair tax policies and preferential treatment of His/her Majesties corporations.

Anonymous said...

so you equate these ows socialist tools, led by professional world anarchists, with the founders of the U.S. Constitution ?

your illness is escalating.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

So is your need to resort to insults when someone refutes your programmed talking points.

Think for yourself for a change.

Anonymous said...

i direct you to an article posted by GEORGE the A on 10/15/11, "4 COPS,3 PROTESTERS SHOW UP AT "OCCUPY BAYSIDE",

comment #22, click BLUE (here ) #2 (entire article).

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the AmericanThinker,Wm. Sullivan

Korean war veteran, U.S. Navy Minesweeper,1952

Anonymous said...

And who here (aside from John Choe) says that North Korea is a wonderful place?

Misdirection and irrelevancy dealing with real issues.