Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Introducing the Street Works Manual

From the NY Post:

Calling it a 21st-century fix to a problem as old as paved roads, Mayor Bloomberg today unveiled a new online program that aims to eliminate the wasteful ripping up of just-paved streets by various agencies.

“We’re going to fix something that has aggravated New Yorkers for years, with good reason,” Bloomberg said. “That is, why do our streets get torn up, repaved and then sometimes torn up all over again [soon after] for another project?”

Dubbed the “Street Works Manual,” the program acts as a one-stop Web portal for all parties who work on and underneath the roads — the city, utility companies and construction firms.

The online site lists roads that are about to be paved, as well as those for which permits have been issued for upcoming work.

The idea is to point out where paving has just been done or is about to be completed, so that other entities planning road work on the same stretch can either put a rush on their own non-emergency project or postpone it.


Anonymous said...

DOT has screwed up alot of things but I have to give them credit for finally seeing this problem and attempting to fix it. Hopefully it works.

Anonymous said...

It won't work. If you want to talk about waste - this book is simply an extended publication of common sense that will be largely ignored as contractors and utilities continue to follow the schedules that make the most sense to THEM.

If they want to give this thing teeth, fines need to be increased well over the $1500-$1800 range they're touting. Make the fine for tearing up a protected street $150,000.