Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

From Forest Hills Patch:

A Forest Hills used car dealer who ran his business on Long Island was sentenced to six months in jail and five years probation for attempted grand larceny of more than $2 million.

Boris Michaelov, formerly of 108th Street in Forest Hills, was a naturalized Israeli citizen, fled to Canada in 2007 after he was caught underreporting the value of cars sold at his Long Island dealership. In doing so, Michaelov pocketed more than $2.3 million in pilfered tax money.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown and his team fought a four-year legal battle to extradite Michaelov from Canada so he could face the music.

After his sentence is served, he will be turned over to Immigration agents to be deported.


Anonymous said...

The most important point in this story-- how difficult a time Canada, our "good neighbor"-- gives us ANYTIME some scumbag crosses the border and seeks asylum there. 4 years to get him back?

Anonymous said...

I think this car dealer needs a rear end alignment.

He'll be getting one now.

Bubba is quite a specialist in that department!

Hey, Boris....don't drop your soap in the showers.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to pay to keep him while he serves his sentence? just deport him already, and bar re-entry.

Anonymous said...

Boris Michaelov

A scamming russian jew from Forest Hills? No! I wont believe it!

FlushingRepresenter said...

Long live the United States of America! Death to Israel! Long Live QUeens Crapper! Execute Johnathan Pollard, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Bernanke, Sumner Rothstein.

Americans want their $100,000,000,000 that they have given in foregin to IsraHELL.

Anonymous said...

We should have had Canada put them in their cold jails instead of the expense of getting this guy back here and sending him back to Canada.