Saturday, October 15, 2011

Perv attacking school girls at bus stops

From WPIX:

Pix 11 has learned about a string of sex assaults in Queens, mostly against High School aged girls near and area known as the "school corridor". In all five cases, the victims were waiting for or were on an MTA bus in the morning when the perverts struck, says retired NYPD Detective Sergeant, Wally Zeins.

Zeins says that the first report, in this string of attacks, happened on September 27th at seven in the morning at the intersection of Jamacia Boulevard and Parsons Boulevard. A high school aged female reported that a male came up behind her touched her. And by noon that day, police got two more reports of assaults. One near Chapin Parkway and the other at Archer Avenue and Union Hall street. In that case, a male came up behind the girl, who was heading to school and pulled down her pants and grabbed her private area.

In all three of those cases, Wally says the suspects matches one description.

Then, a week later police got reports of a male, with a fat lower lip, walking up to a girl waiting for the Q 88 bus, near Main Street, asking "do you know it's raining?" then proceeded to grab her neck and breast.

Two days later, on October 5th, Zeins said that another groper revealed his private parts to a high school aged girl on the Q 88 bus near Kissena Boulevard and Horace Harding Boulevard.

Wally said the Special Victims Unit was swift to make an arrest in that case and believe the suspect might be connected to another case, on October 4th.


Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says....

If my daughter went to school in that area, I would have her carry a full pencil in her pocket, when she sees someone approach she should have it in her hand ready, when the 'Perv" starts to touch ...take it out shove it in his neck. about 3 inches and then snap it off....

Captain Renault said...

In all three of those cases, Wally says the suspects matches one description.

Oui Monsieur!

That description is the usual one...


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