Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Chon up to this time?

From the Times Ledger:

Community members are growing concerned about a builder’s amorphous plans for what they describe as a historic property in downtown Flushing.

Chon Property Corp. of Flushing bought the so-called Millenium office building, at 137-72 Northern Blvd., for $2.6 million in 2003, according to city records, but the building, which the city estimates was built in 1930, sits empty today, despite its prime location at Northern’s intersection with busy Union Street.

There were three open complaints, four open city Department of Buildings violations, seven open Environmental Control Board violations and an open partial stop-work order against the commercially zoned, 11,613-square-foot building as of Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

OH NO! Steve Chon is going to put another Korean spa at this location.

FlushingRepresenter said...

I passed by there 2 weeks ago, the construction workers there said that they were building a 11 story hotel.

Anonymous said...

A 11 story hotel? I guess you mean a 11 story brothel!

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody ought to ask mini-developer Vincent Randazzo.

Isn't Chon's headquarters near Vinny's Northern B'lvd. digs not far from 165th Street?

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Sunny Hahn!

But she had best worry about the "underutilized" YMCA's parking lot that abuts her "Sheng's Rainbow Plaza" abode.

When the "Y" moves out (as they've already indicated they're doing in the near future) and the building gets demolished....this vast piece of land will get developed to the max....especially if one builder acquires all those one story taxpayers adjacent to it.

That entire stretch of Northern B'lvd. is almost as large as Muni Lot #1.

Talk about driving Koreans out of downtown Flushing....hasn't that just about already happened?

What with Flushing Commons mega development looming on the horizon....there won't be a successful Korean business left in the area.

The Chinese WILL push them out all according to plan!

And it's already been approved by CB# 7, boro hall, BSA and the mayor.

Too bad the Koreans aren't spreading enough bribe money around to city officials like the Chinese have done for decades.

Koreans concentrate on putting their money into building churches.

Well, bend your knees and say some prayers.

That's life in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Post RKO Keith's holocaust:

Our architecturally dull and landmark bereft community gets another scrap tossed to them from the table.

It looks like Chon is saving the Art Deco facade.

That building was originally the home of (I believe) the North Shore Journal).

It will be visible underneath the awning (carved in stone) when it's removed.

Anonymous said...

Massagee, massagee, massage.

"Happy ending"...cost extra.

Price of BJ...on request.

Horizontal mambos?
Go to Corona please.